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Клинический санаторий

Medical departments

Therapeutic department

Two therapeutic departments and department of cardiology and pulmonary rehabilitation operate in the sanatorium. Patients who came to the resort with vouchers are under constant medical supervision.

They are administered by Elena Aleksandrovna Fedoseyeva, Tatyana Vladimirovna Rodomanchenko, Evgeniy Viktorovich Yermolayev.

Organization of direct care has always been of high priority in “Barviha”. It provides services to first persons of the State and their attendants. Actually, it was founded for this purpose almost 80 years ago. During recent years, treatment has become available for a wider range of people. But service and approach to each patient remained the same. Such an expression as "personal service" here is not just a formal phrase.

Cardiology and pulmonary rehabilitation department

A specialized unit for rehabilitation and intense treatment after cardiologic and pulmonologic diseases and cardio surgery interventions was created in the sanatorium. There is a staff of highly qualified specialists in the department, who are in responce for treatment of the patients who suffered cardio-vascular and pulmonary diseases. Our specialists developed special programmes adsressing to solve the problems encountered.

Functional diagnostics department

Functional diagnostics department of the sanatorium "Barviha" provides the following diagnostic researches, that are safe, high informative and can be perfomed repeatedly to the various patients' categories:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG);
  • Load tests (treadmill test, bicycle ergometry);
  • Outpatient (24-hour) monitoring of blood pressure;
  • Holter monitoring (ECG);
  • Study of the external respiration function (ERF);
  • Ultrasound of neck vessels, arteries and veins of the lower and upper limbs, transcranial triplex scanning of the Willis artery;
  • Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart);
  • Test with 6-minute walking

Radiation diagnostic office

There is an office of ultrasonic diagnostics and X-ray diagnostic in the department of radiation diagnostics

Ultrasonic diagnostic office is equipped with ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class TOSHIBA APLIO XG.. In addition to generally accepted methodologies, we apply modern non-contrast technologies in the department, such as Doppler colour flow mapping (CFM), energy Doppler mapping (EM), tissue harmonic imaging, and panoramic scanning. With their help, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the organs, their vascularisation, and to identify focal changes of the small sizes. Doctors of the highest and first qualification categories, candidates of medical sciences conduct attendance.

X-ray room is equipped with an x-ray machine SIRESKOP SX Siemens Orthophos unit, diagnostic and dental unit HELIODENT DS.

We perform the following radiographic studies

  • Stomach and duodenum with double contrast study;
  • X-ray of the abdomen (review);;
  • Colon with double contrast study;
  • Passage of barium along intestinal tract after contrast substance intake;
  • Bones and joints in two views;
  • Column in two views;
  • Functional study of the column;

X-ray office

X-ray office is equipped with X-ray apparatus SIRESKOP SX Company Siemens, diagnostic apparatus Orthophos and dental apparatus HELIODENT DS.

The folowing X-ray investgations are held:

  • Stomach and duodenum with double contrast study ;
  • Survey fluoroscopy of the abdominal cavity (;
  • Double contrast colon study;
  • Small bowel series after contrast dye infusion;
  • Bones and joints in one and two views ;
  • Column in two views;
  • Functional column investigation, etc.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory

Highly qualified specialists of laboratory diagnostics work in the staff of the laboratory: 1 physician with the highest category and 3 medical laboratory assistants with higher category. All specialists have certificates, taking regularly advanced training.

Main methods of clinical and biochemical laboratory tests running on modern hardware are in the arsenal of the laboratory. Use of automatic analyzers from the leading European and American manufacturers-Indiko Plus (Finland); Kone Pro (Finland); Architect (United States), etc. allows us analize biological samples on a high quality level.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory participates in the Russian program of external quality control (FSEEQLT).

It should be noted, that the laboratory provides high accuracy and reliability of the results. Laboratory tests are performed in a short time. We use advanced technology and latest practices that reduce the work time and increase their level of quality. If necessary, examinations which are not done in our sanatorium, can be performed in different laboratories.

The laboratory performs the following types of researches:
  • Hematologic studies;
  • General analysis;
  • Biochemical studies.