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Physiotherapy department

Physiotherapeutic procedures.

What are the possibilities of the modern physiotherapy?

Modern physiotherapy opens amazing opportunities to treat a variety of diseases. Physiotherapy department of the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" is its perfect realization. Rachek Irina Igorevna is the Head of the department, doctor of the highest qualification category.

The department was recently fully renovated. Today there is the most up-to-date equipment, used in physiotherapy.

Range of methodologies used in the Medical Rehabilitation Center allows reach great success in rehabilitation after serious illnesses, and in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Medical programs: "Cardiac rehabilitation", "Pulmonary rehabilitation", "Insomnia treatment", "Anti-stress", "Detoxication", "Overweight treatment" are successfully implemented in our department.

This is especially important for those who want to get long-term result. Often people who are very busy in everyday life and don’t have much time to do anything for their health, visit Medical Rehabilitation Center. Combination of physiotherapy with other services of the Medical Rehabilitation Center enables our patients to improve significantly the life quality after a course of treatment.

Physiotherapy (from Greek phýsis-nature and therapy) is a branch of medicine that studies health benefits of physical factors and develops methods of their application with treatment-and-prophylactic purpose. Physical factors affect people throughout its evolution, therefore, physiotherapeutic procedures have more physiological effect on the body than many drugs.

For instance, our patients are very fond of water procedures, which are widely used in the treatment. This is a fine combination of the healthful with the pleasant, which can restore the function of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, eliminate many functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system if administered correctly and provided skillfully.

Our department offers many different procedures that allow a person to relieve stress, relax, normalize blood pressure, improve sleep, etc. For example, the gorgeous pearl, iodine-bromine and valerian baths, vitality baths of “Caracalla" with addition of sedative (calming) herbs’ mix, light therapy of the facial area with "Bioptron" unit, relaxation programmes in physiotherapy capsule “San Spectra» (programmes “Treatment of insomnia", "Anti-stress").

Other procedures, on the contrary, help a person to combat with such conditions as lethargy, apathy, nervous exhaustion. This concerns oxygen, coniferous baths, various therapeutic showers, underwater shower-massage.

Dry and general carbonic baths are widely used for people with problems of the heart and blood vessels (program «Cardiac rehabilitation»). They are wonderful to regulate blood distribution in a body and, therefore, level the blood pressure, reduce the strain on the heart, which gets complete rest during the session.

One would think, simple procedures, but they give a tremendous effect if applied correctly. In addition, balneary in our Medical Rehabilitation Center is equipped with hardware of Umbeshajden Gmbh, which allows not only carry out procedures as professionally as possible, but with maximum comfort for both a patient and a specialist.

In addition, "Barviha" always had and has now a distinctive feature – every person feels unique here. Nowhere we have queues, or crowds. For example, inhalatorium is equipped with individual cabins, each with its own hood. You will not find it in any other Medical Rehabilitation Center or hospital. Each bathroom cubicle is equipped with a separate dressing room, with a comfortable couch where you can lie down and relax after the procedure.

And, of course, everywhere, absolute "crystal" purity, as noted by our patients.

Medical specialists in various fields jointly develop treatment for each patient. So, doctors of our department are constantly in contact with the consulting physicians-general practitioners, exercise therapy specialists, doctors of functional diagnostics, and so on. Perhaps, a person does not receive so much attention and care and such a volume of diagnostic and health procedures in any other hospital as in our Medical Rehabilitation Center.

Hands of professionals are of utmost importance in our work. Not only skills and experience are of great significance, but also the mood and heart of the people who do the job. Therefore, only those who are truly in love with medicine, those who enjoy working with people and are happy to help them, stay with us. Believe me, these are not just fine words. Others simply leave, they can’t work here. That is why our patients tell that during treatment at the department, the atmosphere is always smooth and friendly, nobody troubles you with unnecessary talks, and patients are always under unobtrusive control during the procedure: how do you feel, how’s your mood, is everything ok. Now it's called VIP treatment, and for "Barviha"- it's always a norm.

I would love to tell again about our inhalatorium. It is simply indispensable for smokers, people with chronic respiratory and ENT organs’ diseases (program “Pulmonary rehabilitation"). We have a whole series of inhalers. One is for intrapulmonary percussion of the lungs, which allows separate the phlegm from the walls of the alveoli; others contribute to its diffluence and excretion. You cannot achieve such qualitative respiratory cleansing with any other method. There is also a unit of respiratory training in our department for people who are short of breath.

A wide range of hardware physiotherapy procedures is successfully used for the treatment of back and joints pain, tones skeletal muscles; it has a powerful health-improving and even cosmetic effect. We should mention the following updates.

For example, HiToP unit for high-tone frequent therapy. This is a new development of scientists in the field of electrotherapy. Therapeutic effect is achieved not by simple electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves, but by the launch of a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions. Using alternating electric currents of high frequency (4-32 kHz), modulated simultaneously by frequency and amplitude, staggers the resonant oscillations inside the body's cells; which leads to therapeutic change at both intra-and supracellular and tissue levels. The effectiveness of treatment on this machine is several times higher than with conventional electrotherapy. This method is much more effective for pain relief, especially chronic and persistent than conventional methods, including pharmacological.

Cryosauna - a special cooling unit, which creates a very low temperature. Cooled down to -110C dry air has a multifaceted therapeutic effects on the human body. It helps to eliminate acute and chronic pain, spasm, inflammation, edema, to increase immunity, improve microcirculation, and regeneration of tissues. On top of that, there is a very strong aesthetic effect – a person growing younger, his skin lifts and turns pink, extra weight is gone (Program "Overweight treatment", "Wellness program").

HIVAMAT 200 (HIVAMAT 200 ) - a unique method of treatment with the help of DEEP OSCILLATION. During the procedure, tissues of a patient are "kneaded" mechanically. The effect remains even with the minimum external pressure. Thus, it is possible to use it, for example, in case of an acute injury, pain, or on the edges of an open wound. This treatment reduces fibrosis and seals tissue. As deep oscillation can be used at the earliest stages of the disease, it affects the regeneration processes and in some cases even accelerates them significantly. Moreover, the unique therapeutic character of the deep oscillation helps suspend chronic disease, treats successfully muscle pain of different nature.

Watching the results of treatment every day, seeing our patients change after physiotherapy course, we would like to wish all people aged 40 and older, to pay attention to their health at least a couple of weeks each year. Believe me, it will give you a lot of forces and energy to live a full life, be a loving person and effective manager or a specialist.

Look forward to see you in "Barviha".

Equipment of physiotherapy department.


  • Full baths: carbonic, iodine-bromine, pearl, oxygen-coniferous, valerian, turpentine , bishofite;
  • Local baths for hands and feet;
  • Underwater shower-massage;
  • Automatic massage "Caracalla".


  • Galvanization and medical electrophoresis;
  • Pulse electrotherapy (electrosleep therapy, diadynamic therapy, amplipulse therapy, electrostimulation);
  • High frequency electrotherapy (ultratonotherapy, d'arsonvalization, UHF-therapy, UHF and SMV therapy);
  • Ultrasound therapy and medical phonophoresis.

Inhalation therapy:

  • Warm-humid inhalations with mineral water, decoctions of herbs (eucalyptus, sage, chamomile, valerian);
  • Aerosol therapy with drugs (Fluimucil, Berodual, Lazolvan, Hydrocortisone, Dalargin, etc.) via nebulizer;
  • Breathing training on the unit "Sekundant" for patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis and intraoperative tracheo-bronchial dyskinesis;
  • VRP2-percussion ventilation of lungs for patients with COPD, bronchial asthma, restrictive lung disease.

Phototherapy: ultraviolet irradiation, irradiation of polarized light, laser therapy.

Thermal-mud therapy: paraffin-ozokerit applications and Tambukan sulfide salt mud applications.


HIVAMAT 200- unit for deep tissues' oscillations

HiToP device for high-tone frequency therapy.

Healthful and spa capsule "San Spectra".

Electrostimulation using apparatus ARICULUSX8 «Loncego» (Germany).