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Клинический санаторий

Therapeutic departments

Two therapeutic departments operate in the Medical Rehabilitation Center where patients who came to the resort with vouchers are under permanent medical supervision.

Organization of medical care has always been of high priority in “Barviha”. It used to provide services to first persons of the State and their attendants. Actually, it was founded exactly for this purpose more than 80 years ago. During recent years, treatment here has become available for a wider range of people. However, service and approach to each patient remained the same. Such an expression as "personal service" here is not just a formal phrase.

Most patients use to come for treatment to "Barviha" during many years or even decades. Doctors know not only the development of their diseases, but also family history. This is the most rational approach to health. Indeed human body is a very delicate substance. Only a doctor who thoroughly knows his patient should assign treatment. Individuality of approach is also expressed in the fact that a large number of narrow specialists advise a patient, and a consulting physician appoints treatment, analyzing all prescriptions; he determines the most rational and balanced approach to treatment considering all characteristics of the body condition.

A consulting physician attached to each patient receives all survey data and recommendations. If needed, he can contact a specialist at any time to clarify the necessary information and elaborate joint actions concerning the appointed treatment. Each medication assigned to a patient, besides advantage can have a side effect. The doctor is obliged to consider if the prescribed medication will bring good or harm to the patient.

In addition, health resort methods often help to reduce significantly or even avoid drug therapy. For example, for many people who take hypoglycemic medications, it is enough to assign a special diet and the necessity to take drugs disappears. For people suffering from high blood pressure, there are special physical treatments, therapeutic exercise, and if necessary, sleep therapy, that also gives them a chance to normalize blood pressure and abandon drugs. The same concerns people with chronic pain. The list continues. People suffering chronic ailments, who tried life without drugs in the Medical Rehabilitation Center, feel much better and more confident. At discharge patients receive detailed recommendations from doctors as per lifestyle , pharmacotherapy, as well as a strong motivation to follow these recommendations.