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Клинический санаторий

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We got used to the fact that evaluating life quality one of the sign of wealth is by all accounts healthy teeth. Intention to keep your own teeth in good quality is absolutely healthy and natural. Each person has its original teeth form and accordingly unique structure. In routine life, it is called “one’s own […]

Counterindications to HBO

Absolute: Claustrophobia (fear of cramped spaces). Epilepsy and other convulsive seizures in past medical history. Impaired patency of the Eustachian tubes and canals (polyps, inflammations, abnormal development, etc.) (ENT doctor examination!) Presence of closed cysts and gas-containing camera in lungs (x-ray of the Thoracic organs!) Severe forms of arterial hypertension, arterial pressure more 170. Bleedings […]

Preparation to HBO

Starting the course a patient should undergo medical examination (including ECG, X-ray study of the Thoracic organs, ENT specialist examination). Time and quantity of the sessions is prescribed individually and depends on the diagnosis and indications. HBO session lasts 30-40 minutes. A course of treatment is, as a rule, 6-10 sessions During session a patient […]

Hyperbaric oxygenation

Air we breathe brings one of the main element of life activity into our body— OXYGEN, which regulates all oxidative reactions of the organism. As a result we get all necessary for life energy. A person can live without water or food during period from several days to several weeks; however, lack of oxygen is […]