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Клинический санаторий

Preparation to HBO sessions

  • Starting the course a patient should undergo medical examination (including ECG, X-ray study of the Thoracic organs, ENT specialist examination).
  • Time and quantity of the sessions is prescribed individually and depends on the diagnosis and indications.
  • HBO session lasts 30-40 minutes.
  • A course of treatment is, as a rule, 6-10 sessions
  • During session a patient is in the altitude chamber under constant surveillance of the doctor and a nurse.
  • Modern altitude chamber provides comfort stay for a patient. You can even sleep during the session.
Following examinations are necessary to make a decision about start of the treatment:
  • X-ray study of the Thoracic organs.
  • ECG.
  • Data of ENT specialist’ examination.
You can do these examinations in our Medical Rehabilitation Center. We accept medical reports from other medical entities not older than 12 months.

Preparation of a patient to Hyperbaric oxygenation sessions

  • A patient should not have salve dressings.
  • It is forbidden to process skin with salve, oils, oily aerosols, to use cosmetics, perfumes, hair dressing, hair spray. If there is any you should wash it off with a soap.
  • If you have had manual massage before the session you should take a shower and wash oils off with a soap.
  • Nail polish should be removed.
  • You should void the bladder before the session.
  • You should take off: glasses, rings, ear rings, chains and other metal things. Take off non-fixed prosthesis (dental, ocular)
  • You should change your clothes for special cotton wear processed with antistatic dressing or wetted. Cover your head with a cotton cap.

After the session:

  • One should not smoke or come close to open fire within 30 minutes after the session.