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Клинический санаторий


We got used to the fact that evaluating life quality healthy teeth, by all means, is one of the sign of wealth. Intention to keep your teeth in good quality is absolutely healthy and natural. Each person has its original teeth form and accordingly unique structure. In routine life, it is called “one’s own teeth“. We remember that each tooth has 5 surfaces, access to each is different. Herewith each tooth has a status of a separate organ.

From our childhood, we are used to tooth brush and tooth paste. This means that needful brushing requires our attempts. Correct use, regime, and application technique of the hygiene products play main role: interdental and end-tufted brushes, toothpastes, rinsing solutions, flosses, interdental brushes, irrigators, etc.

But we must remember that one of the main aspects of the cavity care is certainly visit to a dentist. We know it’s necessary 2 times per year. However, sometimes 4 times per year needed.

Insufficient oral hygiene leads not only to degenerative activity of caries but also to inflammatory processes in parodontium. Preventive interventions at the dentist’ in the Medical Rehabilitation Center is held daily with use of the apparatus Piezon, Air-flow. Also implemented product Emal (Dentin) sealing liquid (Humanchemie CmbH ) with formula of deep fluoridation of the teeth gives stable results. Questions connected with respiratory diseases, GIT, endocrine diseases about fetid breath often arise at a visit to a dentist.

Unfortunately, not only in dentistry a late visit to a doctor makes recovery and rehabilitation processes more complicated. Treatment of the complicated forms demands more efforts as well as financial expenses and time consumption.

Perhaps not everyone knows that 80-100% of the population have inflammatory processes in paradontium. In case of diabetes mellitus, paradontal pathology associated with more severe disease, gingivitis, periodontitis and mucosal diseases are more often. 70% of the patients have revealed correlation between paradontal disease and vascular diseases. Because of this, the system of the clinical services of the Medical Rehabilitation Center has a great value. Everyone has once been in a situation when without appointment of one or more experts all other indications and prescriptions were in vain.

We remember though it’s well known that teeth restoration, single artificial crowns, non-fixed and fixed artificial overdentures are the places of microbes concentration. In case of physiological changes in the oral cavity, it can lead to pathological changes not only in the mouth cavity.

Broad opportunities of care delivery, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation in the Medical Rehabilitation Center are irreplaceable. Very often questions on cardiology, hematology, dermato-venerology, ENT-diseases, allergology, neurology, etc, are settled on place with treatment of the oral cavity diseases.

Our dentist department uses not only modern restoration materials with individual approach in each clinical situation: Gradia Direct (GC Corporation Tokyo, Japan) Charisma (Heraeus), SDR, Dyract XP (Dentsply), etc., also well checked by experience together with adhesive systems of the latest generation Prime&Bond (Dentsply), One UP Bond F Plus, Bond Force (Tokuyama), etc.

We use modern endodontal instruments, dental handpieces, modern sealers and fillers in cases with complicated caries. Besides medical procedures, we use methods of grinding and splinting in case of paradontal interventions.

However the most important thing in the Medical Rehabilitation Center: all examinations, diagnostics, rehabilitation, assistance of the medical staff, experienced specialists – and all this on a daily basis!