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Клинический санаторий


Diagnostic programmes

Today, it has already become a good tradition for each person who cares about health, to have a complex annual survey of one’s health status (medical check-up). These programmes called "Check-Up" and provided by the sanatorium either on a day-care or residential basis. Short-term programme of the complex examination allows within 2-3 days in comfortable conditions of the health resort to check major body systems and identify risk factors (if any) able to cause the development of certain diseases, or a disease itself proceeding without symptoms in the beginning.

Rehabilitation programmes

One of the most effective programmes in the cardiac rehabilitation in Russia is realized in the clinical sanatorium "Barviha”. Certain standards for cardiac rehabilitation: "Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs." American Association of Cardiavascular and Pulmanory Rehabilitation, 2004 have been adopted in the developed Western countries. Cardiac rehabilitation programme, implemented in the sanatorium, fully meets these standards, even surpasses them in a number of parameters. Numerous studies have proved that out of the total number of patients with myocardial infarction, the number of patients who returned to normal, healthy life was 1,5 times higher with people who underwent sanatorium rehabilitation treatment.

SPA programmes

In the new well-equipped SPA and cosmetology department of the sanatorium "Barviha" we employ experienced trained masters under the supervision of Dr. Glazko Irina Ivanovna - dermatologist-venereologist, cosmetologist, candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor of dermatology and venerelogy, mycology and cosmetology of FSBI “Educational-scientific medical center of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation". We recommend you to purchase a full Spa programme. For those who wish to rest and relax for 3 days, including weekends. For those who wish to add your medical treatment in "Barviha" we offer a complex of useful and enjoyable SPA-procedures with the best cosmetic effect.

Specialized medical programmes

Sleep Medicine Department of the sanatorium "Barviha" occupies a leading position in Russia, in terms of volume of conducted diagnostic studies (about 60 polysomnographies per month). Doctors consulted and treated more than 11000 patients with various sleep disorders. Employed treatment is based on the principles of evidentiary medicine and corresponds to European standards of patient care. In addition to the programs of the sleep disorders treatment, other programmes are available in the sanatorium : “Detox 6 days ", "Antistress 7 and 12 days”, “Recreational Program”, a program of overweight treatment. In the Department of restorative sleep, we introduced an annual ambulatory programme of surveillance of patients with cardio-vascular pathology.