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Клинический санаторий

Diagnostic programmes

Programme of medical examination “Check-Up for women”

Spending 2-3 days at the Medical Rehabilitation Center according to the programme (if you are short of time, it’s possible to carry out analyses in an outpatient mode), you will get reliable results of the full survey of the organism on the modern diagnostic equipment held by the doctors of multiorgan failure and narrow-specialized doctos with the highest professional qualification. In fact, you will have a planned health survey to the standards for high-ranking civil servants and officers, spending 3-4 times less of your time than in your clinic. At the end of the programme, you will receive your health report as well as recommendations on healthy life.

Programme of medical examination “Check-Up for men”

In "Barviha" we created ideal conditions for diagnosis. It combines the most modern diagnostic equipment with qualified medical diagnosticians. However, the main advantage is as following. Any person who wants to go through examination faces the following problem: on one hand you have to go to a hospital; it is very unpleasant because even the most comfortable hospital remains a hospital where you feel sick against your will. On the other hand, you can have examination in ambulatory mode. In this case, you spend more time travelling to different parts of the city; and taking into account traffic jams and necessity to combine all this with work and family, the diagnostics is rather uncomfortable. In addition, some studies and tests require special preparation.