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Клинический санаторий

Specialized medical programmes

Treatment of stress-induced disorders

Programme «Treatment of stress-induced disorders" includes full somatic and psychic examination of a patient. It consists of psychotherapy in various forms: rational, cognitive, body-oriented, family psychotherapy, Ericsson hypnosis. The result of psychotherapy is cause identification of a disorder, normalization of the patient’s view of the world, improvement of the physical and emotional condition.

Sleep apnea and snoring treatment (severe forms)

This programme is necessary if you have three or more symptoms from the list below: loud snoring, remarkable respiratory arrest during sleep, restless, unrefreshing sleep, frequent urination at night (> 2 times per night), apnea or asthma attacks at night, night sweating (particularly in the area of the head), weakness, headaches in the morning, excruciating daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure (mainly at night and morning hours), overweight, low sexual potency.

Detox programme in Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha”

Designed for 6 days, the programme is based on application of exclusively natural exposure tools (individual diet, calculated physical loads, complex of purifying and spa procedures). It provides rejuvenation, weight reduction by 5-10%, increasing efficiency and resilience, normalization of metabolism and digestion, strengthening the immune system.