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Клинический санаторий

Programme “Antistress” 7 and 12 days

Doctors and candidates of medical sciences will ensure the rapid recovery of psychological and physical condition of a patient within 7-12 days, reducing deviation from norms by 70-100%. Specialists apply modern methods of treatment using a combination of therapeutic and pharmacologic effects, including polysomnographic research, psychotherapy, hypnosis, latest pharmaceuticals, Xenon therapy, capsule “San Spectra”, MDM-therapy, etc.

The objective of the programme "Antistress" is quick recovery of psychological and physical state of patients exposed to acute and chronic stresses.

Programme "Antistress" includes:

  • Stay in a room of the chosen category for 7-12 days
  • 5-time per day meals with pre-selection of dishes and a buffet

Quantity of consultations, examinations and treatment due to the programme:

Name of service Quantity for 7 days Quantity for 12 days
 1  Psychotherapist consultation  5  8
 2  Dermatologist consultation  1  1
 3  Exercise therapy doctor consultation  1  1
 4  Physiotherapist consultation  1  1
 5  Therapist/cardiologist consultation  2  4
 6  Polysomnographic study  1  1
 7  EKG with reading  1  1
 8  Swimming in the pool  5  10
 9  Gym sessions  5  10
 10  Massage 100 minutes for the stay  175 minutes for the stay
 11  Remedial gymnastics  4  7
 12  "San Spektra" capsule/ light therapy “Bioptron”  1  3
 13  Healing shower/medicated baths  3  5
 14  MDM-therapy  6  10
 15  Light impulse therapy  6  10
Psychotherapist’s arsenal includes the following methods:
  • Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy;
  • Ericsson therapy (Ericsson hypnosis);
  • Art therapy;
  • Training relaxation techniques, autotraining, self-hypnosis;
  • Integrative polymodal therapy.
In case of necessity, we provide a combination of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatment.

If there are indications and patient’s wish, the following procedures are carried out for extra charge:

  • Inhalations of therapeutic doses of Xenon;
  • Comprehensive examination (check-up);
  • Spa treatments.

Indicative cost of the medical and other services on the programme, excluding accommodation and meals. With exception of some medical services.

from 70400 rub.