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Diagnosis and treatment of severe forms of snoring, sleep apnea and respiratory failure during sleep

Diagnosis and treatment of severe forms of snoring, sleep apnea and respiratory failure during sleep

Snoring and its complication - obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a violation hazardous to human health.

Center of the sleep medicine of the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" specializes in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA). We examined and treated more than 10000 patients with snoring and sleep apnea. More than 5000 patients conducting permanent hardware OSA treatment at home are under our supervision. This is the highest rating among all domestic somnological centres dealing with treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. In its turn, it indicates to the high qualification and experience of our staff.

We use all the latest diagnostic techniques of respiratory violations during sleep (polysomnography, cardio-respiratory monitoring, computer pulse oximetry) in our Center. We implement modern non-invasive treatment methods, including CIPAP therapy, the most effective method of treating medium-severe forms of OSA.

Sleep Medicine Center is equipped with improved CPAP machines Prisma Line. This is a new line of units from the German company Weinmann. With their help, it is possible to achieve high results and comfort in the treatment of all known respiratory disorders.

In case we detect indications for surgical treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, patients are sent to the leading Russian ENT centers we cooperate with for more than 10 years and trust the skills of working there ENT surgeons.

The result of our longlasting work was the development of a new 12-day program "Diagnosis and treatment of severe forms of snoring, sleep apnea and respiratory failure during sleep".

The program is realized under the leadership of Buzunov Roman Vyacheslavovich,scientific supervisor for therapy, head of the Center of sleep medicine. Following doctors of the Center conduct diagnostic and other procedures included in the program: Legeyda Irina Vitalievna, Gavrilova Alena Mikhailovna, Albeeva Zulfiya Ramilovna.

The objective of the programme:

Improvement of quality and length of life of the patients with sleep apnea and sleep dependant respiratory failure.

The tasks of the programme:

    • Accurate diagnostics of sleep apnea and respiratory failure, assessment of the severity and disease prognosis.
    • Initiation of the methods of respiratory support (CPAP, BIPAP, oxygentherapy).
    • Package of measures on the physical and psychological adaptation of the patient towards hardware treatment.
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness and prediction of the long-term acceptability of hardware methods of treatment.
    • Complete physical examination aimed at revealing the cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and pulmonary complications of sleep apnea.
    • Recommendations for ambulatory treatment stage.

Book the program now and maybe in the near future you will be able to repeat the words of the great Albert Einstein: "I spend sleeping one third of my life, and not the worst one.”


Indicative cost of the medical and other services on the programme, accommodation and meals excluded. With the exception of some of the medical services

144900 rub.

Patient's stay on the program includes:
        • Accommodation for 12 days in a room of the chosen category. (Check-in on Monday, check-out in a week on Friday);
        • Meal service for 12 days (5-time per day).
Consultations and examinations:
        • Somnlogist consultation primary;
        • Cardiologist consultation primary;
        • Cardiologist consultation repeated (7 PCs);
        • Physiotherapist consultation;
        • Dermatologist consultation;
        • Ophthalmologist consultation;
        • Neurologist consultation;
        • Nutritionist consultation;
        • ENT doctor consultation;
        • Excercise therapy doctor consultation;
        • Complex of polysomnographic researches full;
        • Study of external respiratory function;
        • Ultrasound of the magistral arteries of the head;
        • Holter ECG monitoring;
        • Daily monitoring of arterial pressure;
        • ECHO-KG;
        • Bicycle ergometry;
        • ULTRASOUND of the thyroid gland;
        • ECG.
        • Study on the bioimpedance analyzer;
        • General blood analysis;
        • Biochemical analysis of blood;
        • Urinalysis;
        • Blood tests for hormones (T3, T4, TSH).
General preventive treatment and specialized medical aid:
        • Gym (10 sessions);
        • Swimming pool (10 visits);
        • Non-invasive artificial ventilation of lungs (first treatment, controlled by polysomnography);
        • Non-invasive artificial ventilation of lungs (per day during the course treatment (within 10 days);
        • Physiotherapeutic treatment prescribed by a doctor-physiotherapist: medicated shower or bath (6 PCs), thermomoist inhalations (6 PCs);
        • Massage on prescription of excercise therapy doctor;
        • Remedial gymnastics in groups.