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Diagnosis and treatment of insomnia in the Medical Rehabilitation Center

Sleep medicine department

Programme of diagnosis and treatment of insomnia

"12 steps to a HEALTHY SLEEP" with purchase of the voucher to the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha".

Insomnia is both an unpleasant, and dangerous condition. It bears many threats that become more severe if the deficit of sleep continues. The result of the long-term work of the Centre of sleep medicine was the development of a 12-day program of diagnostics and treatment of insomnia successfully implemented in the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha". The program is carried out under the general supervision of the manager for therapy, head of the Center for sleep medicine, doctor of medical sciences, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor Buzunov Roman Vyacheslavovich , and therapist, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Elfimova Elena Vladimirovna. Doctors of the Center of sleep medicine Legeyda Irina Vitalievna, Gavrilova Alena Mikhailovna, and Nazarova Oksana Vladislavovna participate directly in the programme implementation.

Implementation of the programme with grown-ups and elderly people

A patient comes to the Medical Rehabilitation Center for 12-day treatment programme (check-in on Monday, check-out in a week on Friday). When the patient arrives, he should have on hand opinions on EEG and brain MRI (done less than 6 months before). If there is no research data, it can be done at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation during stay in the Medical Rehabilitation Center for extra charge (the patient leaves the Medical Rehabilitation Center for 3-4 hours for research). At the beginning of the programme, the patient has complex examination aimed at clarification of the causes of insomnia; there exists more than 50. Polysomnography – a long-term monitoring of various physiological parametres during sleep is carried out. Psychological testing, evaluation of therapeutic and neurological status is conducted. Regarding the results there is a counsil of physicians, which determines individual tactics of the treatment.

Implementation of the programme of diagnosis and treatment of insomnia

In case of detection of non-organic insomnia caused by psychopathological factors (depression, anxiety, stress, phobic disorder, etc.), treatment is carried out under the supervision of a therapist Nazarova O.V., who specializes in the treatment of sleep disorders. A prerequisite for effective treatment is the patient's desire and ability to implement the recommendations of the psychotherapist accurately. Psychotherapist has in store the following techniques to improve the quality of your sleep:
  • Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
  • Ericsson therapy (Ericsson hypnosis)
  • Art therapy
  • Training relaxation techniques, autotraining, autohypnosis
  • Integrative polymodal therapy
If necessary, the Medical Rehabilitation Center provides a combination of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatment.

According to indications, a doctor assigns: inhalations of therapeutic doses of medical xenon (for extra cost), psychopharmacotherapy; choses doses of drugs and their assign mode. The intensive course of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, in most cases during the 12-day stay, provides a significant improvement in the condition of patients and clearly defines tasks for ambulatory treatment stage.

In case of detection of sleep-disordered breathing and sleep dependant respiratory distress (obstructive sleep apnea, central apnea, chronic nocturnal hypoxemia) we apply methods of assisted ventilation and respiratory support (CPAP-therapy, BIPAP therapy, oxygentherapy). These techniques are subject to additional fees. A course of treatment in the Medical Rehabilitation Center allows you to choose the treatment regimen and monitor its effectiveness objectively, as well as train the patient to use equipment for further treatment on the outpatient stage.

When identifying the syndrome of periodic limb movements in sleep or restless legs' syndrome, the doctors conduct appropriate pharmacological treatment with chosen effective therapeutic dose.

One patient can have several causes of insomnia simulteneously, for example, depression, symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome. In this situation, we carry out a comprehensive treatment of all available pathological conditions of the patient. Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" has a powerful diagnostic and curative base which allows diagnose effectively and treat practically all sleep disorders.


Indicative cost of medical and other services on the programme, excluding accommodation and meals. With exception of some separate medical procedures.

107400 rub.

Services included in the voucher
  • Accommodation for 12 days in the room of the chosen category
  • 5-time per day meal service with pre-selection of dishes and a buffet
Consultations and examinations
  • Therapist consultation primary
  • Therapist consultation repeated (5 PCs.)
  • Appointment (examination, consultation) at psychotherapist primary
  • Appointment (examination, advice) at physiotherapist primary
  • Consultation of a psychotherapist, Professor, holder of Habilitaion degree in Medicine (2 PCs)
  • Appointment (examination, consultation) at neurologist primary
  • Consultation of a dermatologist primary
  • Consultation of exercise therapy doctor primary
  • Complex of polysomnographic research full (2 studies)
  • Duplex scanning of the artery vessels on extracranial level
  • ECG
  • Decoding, description and interpretation of ECG data
  • General blood test expanded
  • Biochemical blood test (ALT, AST, gamma-glutamyltransferase, ALP, amylase, urea, creatinine, glucose, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, TG, atherogenic index, total bilirubin, conjugated bilirubin, unconjugated bilirubin, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, prothrombin time, APTT, fibrinogen, total protein, uric acid)
  • Blood tests for hormones (T3, T4, TSH)
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • General urine analysis
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment programme, 1 hour (5 sessions).
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Capsule "San-Spectra" (4 procedures)
  • Medical shower or therapy bath (5 procedures)
  • Independant work out in the gym, 1 hour (10 sessions)
  • Independent swimming in the pool, 1 hour (10 sessions)