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Клинический санаторий

Health-improving rest programme

The program is not limited in time and implies a comfort rest in healthy environment, including walkings and sports training, as well as doctor-therapist consultations and monitoring the status of the circulatory system (registration of electrocardiogram). Effectiveness of this recreation is 2-3 times higher than in another pension or health resort.

For those who wish to:

  • Relax in a comfortable and healthy environment of the Medical Rehabilitation Center;
  • Purchase a separate treatment program. In this case, the cost of the health-imroving rest voucher is summed up with the cost of the therapeutic program;
  • «CHЕCK-UP» (short-term diagnostic examination);
  • SPA and cosmetology programs;
  • Program of diagnosis and treatment of insomnia;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of severe forms of snoring, sleep apnea and respiratory failure in sleep;
  • In case of necessity, you can accompany the patient.

Cost of stay on the tariff “Health-improving rest voucher” in case of purchasing additional health and wellness programs

The room rate is for 1 person per day. For foreign nationals apply multiplying index 1,2. GO TO PRICELISTS Health-improving rest program includes:
  • Accommodation;
  • 6-time diet meal service "a la carte";
  • Therapist consultation;
  • Therapist (cardiologist) consultation repeated (for people older 70 years)*;
  • ECG registration;
  • Visit to the swimming-pool;
  • Gym;
  • Terrenkur;
  • Use of the library;
  • Evening leisure activities organized due to the schedule of the Medical Rehabilitation Center;
  • Parking of 1 car at the guarded parking lot of the Medical Rehabilitation Center;
* The service is rendered since 01.01.2018. Terms of the voucher: 10% discount on extra bed from the price of double-room accommodation. Check in:10:00, check-out: 00:00.

Contraindications:: the program is not designed for people with cancer, diseases in the acute stage, and people who suffered recently heavy diseases or surgery.

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