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Клинический санаторий

Health-improving SPA programme “Beautiful body”

Body shaping on Starvac unit is a modern therapeutic method of non-invasive body correction (solution for cellulite problems, excessive adiposity), column diseases’ treatment, rehabilitation after athletic injuries

Programme "Beautiful body" is recommended for men and women of all ages.

Programme of cosmetic treatment developed for detoxication, mineralization of organism, and body correction. Wide complex of SPA procedures helps to eliminate toxins and saturate the skin with vitamins, micro-and macro elements, effectively purifies and revitalize the skin. With regular (3-4 times per year) visits, a youthful effect for minimum of 5-10 years can be achieved.


List of SPA procedures:


1st DAY

  • Consultation of a cosmetologist;
  • Visit to the thermal area (Hamam + Kneipp path + showers;
  • Peeling in Hamam;
  • Turkish soap massage;
  • Programme of skin strengthening (intense cosmetic care including nourishing, moisturizing, regeneration process stimulation aiming at elasticity and improvement of the body tonus);

2d DAY

  • Hay bath;
  • Biosel care procedure for light feet, legs and ankles (moisturizing, nourishing, easy walking! Effective cosmetic care on the basis of Italian herbal preparations with energy focus and elements of feet acupuncture which activate lymph efflux and facilitate to withdraw extra liquid and metabolic products);
  • Relaxation session in soft-park system (talassocouch);

3d DAY

  • Visit to the thermal area (Hammam + Kneipp path + showers);
  • Massage with herbal sacks;
  • Rejuvenation care Biosel of your hands’ skin (Moisturizing, nourishment, lightness! Deep cleansing and rejuvenation as well as hands skin protection thanks to plant components of the herbal preparations of professional cosmetics Salin de Biosel)
SPA programme "Beautiful body" Programme duration 3 days
In clinical setting Outpatient mode

Terms of stay in the Medical Rehabilitation Center:

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    • Check-in after 10.00, check-out before 09.00;
    • Cost of the voucher= accommodation on the health-improving rest programme+ cost of the programme (18 950 rubles);
    • Accommodation variants due toroom category;
    • Health-improving rest includes:
Primary consultation of a therapist; ECG registration. Reading, description; Swimming-pool; Gym; Terrainkur; Use of the library; Evening leisure activity organized by the Medical Rehabilitation Center; 1 car parking at the guarded parking lot of the Medical Rehabilitation Center;
  • Additional services are rendered at extra cost;
  • 10% discount from the price of a double accommodation;
  • Children under 16 are not acccepted.

Without stay at the Medical Rehabilitation Center


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6-time per day meal service “a la carte” in the restaurant of the Medical Rehabilitation Center.

Bed only

from 46 100 rub.

18 950 rub.


Counterindications for SPA procedures

  • Acute virus and infectious diseases;
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of the skin and internal organs;
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases of internal organs (cardiovascular system, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc.);
  • Hypertension of the severe degree;
  • Uncompensated endocrine organs diseases (hyper/hypothyroid, diabetes mellitus);
  • Allergic reactions to substances used in the programmes;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Heavy mental and neurological disorders;
  • Oncological diseases.
Additional machine cosmetology and medical procedures are rendered at extra cost and carried out after consultation with a cosmetologist.

Contact telephones of Spa and cosmetology department: +7 (495) 228-90-66, +7 (926) 015-36-31

Cost of stay on the programme

Cost of SPA programme "Beautiful body" including accommodation and meals indicated per person.  

For foreign citizens apply multiplying index 1,2.

Accommodation variants on the programme "Beautiful body" »