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Клинический санаторий

10 reasons why you should come to us

Reason # 1 Kremlin medicine

During your stay in the sanatorium a high health-improving effect is provided thanks to medical care and service, traditional for "Kremlin Medicine".


Reason # 2 VIP service

We serve all patients and guests of the sanatorium due to the modern European standards, in terms of health services, accommodation, food and safety.


Reason # 3 Medical staff

Your health will be of primary concern for the unique medical team of doctors of 40 various specialties and 120 members of medium-level medical personnel. Combining practical work with scientific medical activities, they reach high rates of effectiveness in health care.


Reason # 4
Nature factor

Unique natural landscape in the recreational park of the sanatorium is astounding to say the least, with its numerous walking paths, coniferous and exotic tree species, natural lake with a variety of bird species (swans, geese and ducks) and fishes. All this creates atmosphere of peace and tranquillity for the visitors and patients. We restored the hiking routes in the park where the first officials of the Soviet and Post-Soviet era were strolling.


Reason # 5 A variety of medical programmes

A wide spectrum of unique medical programmes (in the field of cardiology, pulmonology and unique methods of stress, insomnia, sleep apnea treatment) together with highly qualified medical personnel (holders of Habilitation degree in Medicine, candidates of Medicine, M.D. Board certified) allows to find the optimal treatment complex for you. Also you’ll get personal recommendations for further treatment of your disease.


Reason # 6 Developed infrastructure

Comfortable accommodation for patients and visitors in a modern hotel format, friendly hotel staff, as well as a variety of sports programs and activities such as tennis, fishing, billiards, swimming, gym services, actually heal our patients, stimulate and inspire them for a more active lifestyle even after the stay in the sanatorium.


Reason # 7 Unique rehabilitation programmes

Our sanatorium offers a set of unique rehabilitation programmes: after myocardial infarction, stenting, under stable effort angina, chronic heart failure, aortocoronary bypass graft surgery, valve interventions, pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep disorders, etc. For patients in the state of sustained remission we offer the following programmes: Anti-stress 7 and 12 days, 6-day Detox programme, health-improving rest programme, and sports activities.


Reason # 8 Accessibility

Sanatorium "Barviha" is a high level medical centre located on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway, just 7 km from Moscow (Moscow Ring Road).


Reason # 9 Express-Diagnostics

Thanks to modern diagnostic base and our own clinical diagnostic laboratory one can undergo express diagnostics during a short stay, and advanced medical examination in case of full-time stay.


Reason # 10 Individual diet

A dietitian will select for you an individual health-improving diet which you’ll stick to having meals in the sanatorium restaurant, either buffet or "A la carte". You'll get valuable advice on restoring vitality and rejuvenation of your organism.


Time proved quality

Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha” of the Administration department of the President is located in the prestigious eco-friendly Moscow suburb, 7th km of the Rublyovo-Uspensky highway to the west from Moscow. The unique natural landscape recreational park of Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha” with numerous walking paths, coniferous and exotic tree species, real lake on the territory, home to ducks, geese and swans, creates atmosphere of peace and tranquillity for patients and visitors of the Medical Rehabilitation Center.

Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha” can be proud of its rich 80-year history and traditions of the high professional medical school. Continuity of the traditions of Kremlin medicine is being kept, supported and developed in the new format.

Today this countryside rehabilitation clinic of “De Lux” class provides high-quality medical care in a wide range of diseases using the latest techniques, medical equipment and highly professional staff. Here, in addition to treatment and rehabilitation, each patient is guaranteed complete relaxation and high level of comfort. Recovery, including the post-operative period of patients, is held on the territory of the relic recreational park “Barviha”. Modern and comfortable guest rooms of various categories of comfort (level 4 *), medical care and attention of the staff contribute and help patients to receive not only a decent diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, but also rest and recuperation.

Diagnostics, rehabilitation and relaxation for customers appreciating high quality of life.

Infrastructure of the Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha”:

  • Medical infrastructure by European standards;
  • Rooms of the level 4 * standard, suites and presidential suites;
  • Reception;
  • Lobby area;
  • Restaurant providing diet menu;
  • Bar;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Gym;
  • Conference hall;
  • Library with wide book selection;
  • Museum of the Medical Rehabilitation Center;
  • Sports fields, tennis courts, boat station, volleyball grounds.

Cardiac rehabilitation is the main specialization of the clinic. This is a unique cardiac rehabilitation treatment in Russia. Medical team of the top professional level, such as general practitioners and specialists provides highly qualified medical assistance to patients in a broad spectrum of diseases using the latest unique methods and technologies. A variety of Spa and beauty treatments in combination with health and sports programmes are provided for visitors and patients of the Medical Rehabilitation Center. Usually they are successful people who value their time and live a healthy life.


Beauticians, nutritionists and other specialists will advise you and provide valuable recommendations to restore vitality and rejuvenation of your organism. We serve the customers appreciating quality, status and time. The patient’s health is the main value in the work of the Medical Rehabilitation Center. Everything is done to the benefit of the patient: treatment, rehabilitation, care; and as a result, our patients’ satisfaction which in turn increases their own vitality and mood. The best traditions of Kremlin medicine are at work here today, they are improving and evolving constantly.


Community of distinguished guests of Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha”


Accessibility to the Centre of the capital, in comparison to other European health clinics of the comparable level (in Germany, Switzerland, Austria)


The combination of advanced medical technologies, modern equipment and qualified personnel

We are working for you!