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Клинический санаторий

Immunity and cryotherapy

The rhythm of metropolis is draining your strength? No strength to combat illnesses? Immune system is giving up in its uneven battle against your illness?

Can I return myself to a healthy life? What can I do to make my body and mind healthy and full of vitality?

Active rhythm of life in a big city does not always allow us to think about timely restoration of forces and strengthening of our own health. Meantime, scientists proved polluted environment, lack of physical activity, regular stress - all have a negative effect, through nervous exhaustion leading to an overall weakening of the human immune system.

Earlier, problems of maintaining and strengthening the immune system were solved by the “people's” methods: swill with ice water, plunge into water-hole, snow therapy and cold training, but now in the conditions of a big city life, it is quite problematic and uncomfortable. In addition, these “people’s” methods, if done without the required preparations, physical and mental, might worsen the situation and provoke cold-related diseases.

Modern scientists, examining possibilities of the immune system, proved that when exposed to very low temperatures, the human body start natural regeneration mechanisms and general health improvement. This proven fact is used in the training of the immune system, where cryotherapy being one of the most effective ways of treatment.

During the procedure of cryotherapy the patient is inside a so called “cryo-sauna” for a short period of time (2-3 minutes). The first “cryo-sauna” session is usually held at minus 65 degrees Celsius, followed by a second session inside a Chamber with a temperature of -110 degrees Celsius. During the procedure only the surface layer of the skin, with the nerve endings has time to become cold. The cold does not have time to penetrate further inside the body.

Cryotherapy naturally activates the immune system, designed to check all organs in the body. After these sessions, "express-hardening" stabilizes the level of hormones, metabolism, and increase the overall level of vitality due to additional release of the happiness hormones-endorphins. Cheerfulness, a sense of fullness of life, ease and joy-this is exactly the kind of emotions the patient undergoes after each session in the cryochamber!

Specialists of the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" recommend cryotherapy sessions for:

  • Preventing flu and colds;
  • Metabolic recovery and strengthening of the body;
  • Improve efficiency and endurance;
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as prevention of stresses and their effects (insomnia, depression, "burnout").

Thus, cryotherapy is an easy, completely safe and natural method of harmonizing the individual organs inside your body, which maintain their efficient and well-coordinated work. Activated by medical express-tempering "the immune system begins to cope with various diseases, not allowing the body to give “a misfire” at the most inappropriate moment!

* This particular therapy does have certain contraindications. Make sure to consult a specialist in advance.