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Клинический санаторий

Osteopathy in sanatorium “Barviha”

Osteopathy, a new specialty develops actively in the sanatorium.

Osteopathy is a non-traumatic method of treatment that does not require the use of medications. Osteopathy in Russia is a relatively young direction of regenerative medicine. Ministry of health of the Russian Federation formally adopted this technique only in 2003, while in the countries of Western Europe and North America osteopathy is one of the leading ways to treat and prevent many diseases.

This specialty of medicine is popular because:

  • Osteopathic treatment not only effectively combats diseases of the spine, joints, nervous system, but also many chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • Accuracy of osteopathic manual diagnostics is based on determining the misalignments of the bones, muscle strains, violations of the rhythms of the movement of internal organs, and facial sheaths and tendons. Data collected this way often gives higher, more accurate image than that of expensive equipment (in cases of manual osteopathy, the diagnosis is able to detect even a very slight fault in functionality, this is still impossible with most of the modern apparatus available). Computed tomography, ultrasound and other diagnostic hardware procedures easily confirm osteopathic diagnosis;
  • A professional osteopath is able to reveal the true reasons leading to the development of an illness, often veiled by different compensatory reactions of the body and syndromes such as local pain, neurological disorders. Elimination of the cause of a disease is much more effective than simply treating the short-term symptoms of the illness;
  • Osteopathic technique is based on the most advanced research in the field of anatomy, physiology, histology and biochemistry;
  • Modern osteopathy uses mostly soft, stress free, absolutely safe methods of manual exposure when conducting the osteopathic treatment;
  • A wide range of osteopathic techniques (more than three and a half thousand), allows you to pick an individual, most effective personal treatment program;
  • The positive results of the osteopathic treatment are evident immediately after the first session, and therefore the duration of the full course is usually not very long;
  • Therapeutic effect of the osteopathic treatment does not only affect the course of various diseases, but in general, revitalizes the body, makes it more stress resistant, and helps maintain good health.

Grigory Vladimirovich Basov is the bright representative of the specialty "Osteopathy" in sanatorium "Barviha". He was born in 1983. This young professional has already achieved great results in his  medical practice: he's the candidate of medical science, master of the osteopathic practice.

He began his career in 2000 as a male nurse at medical unit No. 26 in Moscow. In 1999 he entered, and in 2005 graduated from the medical faculty of the “Moscow Medical Academy” named after Sechenov. From 2005 to 2007 he completed his residency training in "non-medication methods of treatment and rehabilitation” in the educational-scientific medical centre of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. He holds a doctor certificate of the physical therapist and in sports medicine. From 2008 to 2013 he studied at a part-time doctoral programme specializing in rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy and sports medicine, physiotherapy and balneology . Grigory Vladimirovich wrote a dissertation on the topic "Rehabilitation of patients after revasculated heart surgeries in the condition of a sanatorium.”

“He is a pioneer in his field, as he developed a unique method of rehabilitation of patients after revasculation of the myocard.  He has more than 20 scientific publications, including international collected works. In 2010 he acquired academic skills to practice 3D scoliosis therapy according to Katharina Schroth’s, giving him the right to practice medical treatment in this field. Bad-Sobernheim, Germany, 2013. He studied integrated diagnostics and therapy of scoliosis according to the concept of "FITS" (functional individual therapy for scoliosis). Assigning the right treatment technique FITS. Wroclaw, Poland. From 2014 to 2015, he was training within the framework of the project "Osteopractice". "Osteopathy". Master school.  From 2007 to present time he works as a physical therapy doctor in the sanatorium where he rehabilitates patients with ischemic heart disease according to his developed methodology. The experience gained when working with patients with ischemic heart disease and idiopathic scoliosis, as well as related disciplines such as osteopathy and reflexology, enabled a holistic look at disease and human health.  Using methods of physical therapy (kinesis therapy and massage) and osteopathy (craniosacral therapy, visceral therapy, biodynamic) in his practice, Gregory Vladimirovich successfully helps patients with such problems as:  myocardial infarction, aorto-coronary bypass surgery, musculoskeletal injuries, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis, intervertebral, back pain of different nature, posture problems,  and other diseases which are characterized by pain in muscles, lesions of bone structure and violation of mobility in the joints , chronic headaches, migraines, sleep disorders.