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Клинический санаторий

Nordic walking

New service - studying Nordic walking technique and doing Nordic walking is introduced in the Medical Rehabilitation Center. Studying and trainings are held in groups as well as individually.

Nordic walking technique (walking with stick/poles) is a kind of recreational walking. Due to the use of the sticks the load is slightly heavier on the relevant muscle groups and cardiovascular system. This allows to increase the load on arm muscles and back, and on the other hand to unload the joints of legs and feet. These poles also help develop and monitor the pace of movement, as well as to facilitate the process of walking. In average such walking involves around 90% of your muscles and burns 46% more calories than regular walking. Therefore, wellness effect is achieved easier if walking with sticks, faster and without apparent effort. To achieve this we need to acquire special technique: learn how to put your foot properly down on the ground while your hands are working synchronically. Without this, lesson would be simply ineffective. Nordic walking practically has no counter-indications, and is often used for medical purposes and for weight loss. In doing so, it happens in a comfortable environment and without unnecessary stress. It is fitness with fun and pleasure.

Unlike other types of fitness, the full potential of Nordic walking has not yet been studied. Every year new research data comes out, opening a variety of application areas of the walking with sticks/poles. The main advantage of Nordic walking is its availability: it has no contraindications and limitations (neither age wise nor physical). Nordic walking is more safe than running and more effective than just walking. When using special sticks during the movement over 90% of the muscles are working. During walking over 46% calories more are burned in comparison to regular walking but with no damage to joints and spine.

Influence of Nordic walking on the body:

  • Helps weight loss;
  • Revitalizes the body: strengthens the immune system, improves functioning of internal organs and boosts metabolism;
  • Corrects posture, relieves swelling and promotes healing of joints due to developing of the special inter-joint liquid;
  • Helps to overcome the effects of stress and depression, relieves headaches, improves sleep;
  • Trains the heart muscle and improves the cardiovascular system;
  • Helps you recover quickly from injuries, operations, illnesses, as well as heart attacks and strokes;
  • Ideal for all ages.

If you are recovering from severe disease or injury, Nordic walking is a must after a consultation with the doctor and under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The first classes should be done at an easy pace and last not longer than 30 minutes.

Come to our remedial gymnastics department and our instructor will help you pick up sticks, master the technique of Nordic walking in a group or individually for the improvement of your health.