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Клинический санаторий


Andrey “Nofamilyname” from 30.06.2018 to the present time

Scanty manlike. Watched football game “our team vs. Spaniards” in the sanatorium “Barviha”, it was cool! I had fun. Either from treatment or from positive emotions, or all together, but now nothing bothers me, I’m healthy. Though came to the clinical hospital with insomnia, panting, pancreas and other problems. I was pleasantly surprised not only […]

2 July, 2018

Natalia and Gleb Roberg/from 10.06.18 for two weeks

(Русский) Попали по реабилитации (с моей поджелудочной) после Турции в санаторий Барвиха. Российская Швейцария, прекрасное лечение, врачи (наш лечащий врач Т. В. Родоманченко и по программе Детокс Дубкова С.В.), продуманное диетпитание и что самое главное тишина, прекрасное общество и настроение. Все лучшее рядом - только оглянись лучше. Да, нет моря, но есть прекрасный хвойный парк, наконец бассейн! Смотрели футбол, общались с интересными людьми и оздоравливались и еще многое чего!!! Спасибо врачам, медсестрам и всему сервисному персоналу.

26 June, 2018

Aleksandr V. stayed in the sanatorium in the middle – end of May

I came for the treatment on basic programme. Came for the sake of silence and tranquility, fresh air of the park Barviha. I was happily surprised with the quality of medical treatment; in particular, my consulting physician Fedoseeva E.A. indeed met my requirements. Medical and service staff was very friendly and caring. I recommend this […]

28 May, 2018

Shmelev E.A. and Shmeleva V.I.

We were in many sanatoriums of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. In general, our attitude to them is positive. However, staying in the rehabilitation center “Barviha” in the period from 3d to 20thof April 2018, we have made a conclusion that medical base, quality of services, surprisingly responsible and kind-hearted attitude of all the employees to their job is better than in other sanatoriums.

20 April, 2018

Gazoyan Carine and Kirakosyan Marine

We express our gratitude to all the employees of the medical rehabilitation center “Barviha”. My sister and I stay in your sanatorium only two days; but already have lots of positive emotions, vivacity, energy boost. I would like to express our special gratitude to Ludmila Alekseevna, who works in sauna. We thank her for her warm attitude, hospitality and kind-heartedness. We are very glad that we have chosen medical rehabilitation center "Barviha". Prosperity and well-being to all of you! Health to Ludmila Alekseevna!

10 April, 2018

Svirina I.V. Principal Advisor of the Administrative affairs of the President of the Russian Federation

I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team of the Medical Rehabilitation Center that masters high level of professionalism and attention to the holidaymakers. My special thanks to my consulting physician Dubkova S.V. The width of her knowledge, tact, responsiveness, respect and attention to a patient are admirable. Svetlana Vladimirovna constantly develops herself a s a doctor using the most modern methods.

25 February, 2018