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Клинический санаторий


(Русский) Ковальская Светлана, кмн. Башкирия, медицинский центр НОРИС

(Русский) В клинический санаторий "Барвиха" мы приехали в декабре 2017г. для прохождения программы кардиореабилитации мужа. Предварительно долго изучала сайты санаторий Подмосковья, но выбор остановился на "Барвихе". Задач для оздоровления мужа было много: установить причинно-следственную связь возникших после стентирования сердечных приступов...

25 December, 2017

Renata and Vadim Bezrukov!/October

(Русский) Мы были на ксеноне. Стресс замучил - не самые лучшие времена у моего мужа по бизнесу. Срывался, не спал, нервничал и все конечно отражалось на близких! Друзья посоветовали взять путевку в Санаторий !Барвиха". Поехали, только чтобы сменить обстановку, но..... Чудный волшебный лес, внимательные и профессиональные доктора, несколько сеансов ксенона и других успокаивающих процедур и нашей хандры и приступов агрессии как не бывало Конечно не самое дешевое удовольствие, но стоит того. Да, диетическая еда, к которой мы не привыкли, но мы и с этим смирились, а потом даже понравилось- похудкели ! Из минусов..... поначалу хотелось никого не видеть. А тут все здороваются и нет хмурых лиц. А потом заразились и мы улыбаться ! Надолго ли хватит)) Не сможет - приедем еще за положительными эмоциями и здоровым сном! СПАСИБО Врачам и всех кто нас хмурых терпел первые дни.

30 October, 2017

Samgina Olga/August, 2017

I got psyched up to rinky-dink Soviet-era style and was pleasantly surprised by high competence of the doctors, in particular Fedosyeeva E.A., Rodomanchenko T.V., and Dubkova. Comfortable rooms and friendly service I felt here is uncharacteristic to Russian sanatoriums - it was very pleasant! I came on health-improving voucher and occasionally got consultations of the specialized doctors. I got recommendations from the doctors that are possible to implement money and time wise. Heat was not a problem. There are air-conditioners in the rooms and medical offices. The park where I was walking a lot is wonderful. Trips to European sanatoriums are connected with moving, change of climate, time zone; and here I have a clinic of European level with nice medical base and comfort only 10 km from home. I'm sincerely glad for myself and for all who stay in the sanatorium. Thank you.

28 August, 2017

Ilia/36 years, July, 15th-22d

Stayed on health-improving programme, slept off and relaxed. Was tired from problems and my arousing agression forced me take a voucher for a week following my friends' advice. I didn't believe myself but I was walking in the park of Barviha, was sleeping and got enough sleep, along wiht that made examinations and the results cleared up for me my stomachache. I'm satisfied with gastroenterologist' work and her recommendations. Next time I'll come for the check-up. I recommend you to do the same. To control your life it's necessary to get enough sleep, this is minimum! I'm pleased to say "Thank you" for the qualitative work of the doctors and all the staff.

31 July, 2017

Rimma Stepanovna, 57 years old/beginning of July, 2017, rehabilitation 23 days after blood stroke

I came to the sanatorium as an invalid: moved badly, had no forces, apathy to life and to myself. My son advised to undertake a course of rehabilitation in the sanatorium "Barviha". The doctors reanimated me. I worked up an appetite as well as taste to life. I thank team of the doctors and nurses who took care of me as of a small child. And not in vain..., now I can climb the stairs myself (slowly but myself), I'm walking for an hour, do physical excersises with minimum load and dream to be healthy, and what is more important I believe in it! I'll come back in winter for sure. Unfortunately I didn't see analogues of the similar sanatoriums, and I've been to many places! THANK YOU! I wish everyone health and happiness!

20 July, 2017