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Клинический санаторий

Kashpirovskaya S.P.

In justice to the comfort, excellent treatment base which allowed to have a nice rest and improve my health, I would like to notice that the main heritage of "Barviha" is your staff, people who surround us with warmth and care every day. In our difficult times the management of the sanatorium succeeds keeping the collective that remembers the time when such attitude to the patients was a norm and teach the young people same values. They like their work and do it with pleasure. I say words of gratitude to all the employees of the sanatorium I was in contact with. My special recognition is to doctor Svetlana Vladimirovna; her deep knowledge, professionalism and attentiveness helped me very much. Nurses Ludmila Zakharovna, Anna Nikolaevna, Galina Mikhailovna show true mother-like attitude and angel patience towards the clients. Massage which Elena Evgenjevna does it's the top of the professionalism, plus sensitivity and attentiveness. They all radiate kindness, they are attentive, polite, ready to help in the problems of the patients; you don't see it in any other sanatoriums of our system. We remember about it at home and that's why we want to come back to Barviha again and again. I hope, management of the sanatorium will find the way to appraise these employees. A lot of positive emotions are left from the contact with the symbol of the sanatorium - swans. Keep on nurture and cherish them! I'm sure that consultation with zoologists of the Moscow Zoo will allow settle the problem of loneliness of one of the males. And one wish: it would be nice if the employees wear breechers. Kashpirovskaya S.P., Full State Counsellor 3d Class of the Russian Federation.