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Клинический санаторий

Kostenko I.G.

I was going to come to the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" for a long time, but unfrotunately, didn't manage. I even planned my stay, booked the room but failed... But thanks to girls from the booking and marketing department who treated me with pateince and attentiveness to my problems, in the long last I managed to come to the Medical Rehabilitation Center. Partly thanks to the employees of the department who convince me with their sensitivity, that I have to pay attention to myself, I managed to leave all my problems and finally this weekend I turned out to be in this magic place! As soon as we entered the territory of the Medical Rehabilitation Center I felt unbelievable healthy air! All my problems left somewhere there in the town. I was welcomed by cordial girls, they told everything and led me to the magic room in the Presidential building. I wasn't sorry for a single second that rooms of others categories were occupied and I had to come exactly to this room. Huge apartment with everything - kitchen and sitting room, study and bedroom! Service is at the highest level! Everything was simply remarkable, I visited nice SPA, swimming pool, walked by the lake. I had a rest with my body and soul. It's a pity the weekend finished so quickly! But now I'm sure that I'll certainly have this beautiful holiday again.