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Клинический санаторий

Kovalskaya Svetlana, Candidate of Medicine, Bashkiria, medical center NORIS

In December 2017, we came to the clinical sanatorium “Barviha” on the program of cardiac rehabilitation for my husband. Before that, I had been studying for a long time sites of the sanatoriums of the Moscow region but my choice was “Barviha”. We had a lot of tasks for health improvement: to fix cause-effect relations of the heart attacks emerged after stent angioplasty, choose according medications and doses for elimination of the attacks, reduce weight, settle norms of loading capacity for daily cardiovascular exercise, dispose reasons of sleep disturbance and insomnia, decide the question of medical supervision.

We were amazed that every word of the description on the site of the sanatorium “Barviha” agrees the reality, starting from the booking department (separate thanks to Elena Petrova for understanding and quick reservation), hospitable welcome of the reception and fast accommodation, spacious room, excellent- balanced food and polite personnel in the setting of cozy atmosphere of living. And silence…

The level of the Medical Rehabilitation Center not only matches European but also exceeds it in medical content of the services’ quality. Doctors of the sanatorium are truly the team of professionals; being expert and wise, they assign a therapy after clarification of the cause of a disease and treat the cause. It is surprising that all the doctors have sincere compassion and concern to the problems of the patient’s health, a wish to understand and help to recover. Unfortunately, it is a rare situation nowadays in medicine.

High status of the sanatorium, Kremlin spirit, unique history and traditions created with years inspire mutual respect between doctor, patient, personnel and all holidaymakers. Here you can find atmosphere of warm-heartedness, kindness, care and love towards a person coming from the heart of every employee of the sanatorium. You will not find it in any European clinic, it’s zest of the sanatorium “Barviha”. And how about touchingly saving attitude to the equipment, furniture, etc. I watched among all the employees! As if, it is their property! It’s amazing. You realize what a colossal job the management has done! Interesting and exciting stories of the chief archivist Aleksandr Ivanovich about history of the Center going along the history of our country, about heroic deeds of the sanatorium and its personnel during the Great Patriotic War, about prominent people elate and evoke patriotic feelings of each listener.

Well-kept territory, carvel pines, cozy café “U lodochnoy”, big pond with clearest water and gracious tamed swans add the harmony to the sanatorium.

Woodpeckers, funny squirrels and even real red fox made us happy during walking in fairy-like winter forest. Personnel of the housekeeping department diligently filled atmosphere of the coming New Year holiday with numerous fairy lights and new-year trees.

Within 2 weeks of cardiac rehabilitation we received all the answers on our questions from the doctors and were filled with amazing feeling of harmony and happiness. We lost weight, became younger and more rosy!

We are grateful to all employees for their care and warmth given to us during our stay – Elena Petrova, Marina Yurjevna, medical professionals Godunova Elena Borisovna, Markeev Igor Ivanovich, Rodomanchenko Tatiana Vladimirovna, the whole department of sleep medicine. Separate thanks to Buzunov Roman Vyacheslavovich, Legejda Irina Vitaljevna who discovered at once the causes of sleep disorder, assigned SIPAP treatment and relieve condition, to doctors of physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics, massage therapist Artyom for his caring hands, to nurses at medical station, restaurant and bar personnel. Thank you very much! Separate thanks to our consulting physician Godunova Elena Borisovna who on the stage of preliminary discussion of the problems by e-mail aimed us for the coming and made an individual program of examination and rehabilitation on the same day with controlled loading choosing and correcting doses of medication. She was monitoring attentively the process of rehabilitation assigning necessary additional procedures. She supported and encouraged my husband and me with great care. She is very expert highly organized specialist and warm-hearted person.

Qualified team of the medical specialists, organized consultations found decision of the problems, gave us bright-lined rules and we got sense of confidence in future!

I wish to the united team of the sanatorium to hold a high bar, keep the best traditions of the Soviet medicine, move only forward, explore new technologies and stay for us an example to follow! Happy New Year! Happiness and health to you and your loved ones!
With regards, Candidate of Medicine Kovalskaya Svetlana.
Bashkiria, medical center NORIS.
22d of December, 2017.