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Клинический санаторий

Nekipelov Evgenij

Coming across with the problem of cessation of breathing in sleep, people do not even guess what are the consequences of it to their health. I experienced myself the whole bunch of the problems... high sleepiness during the day, physical impossibility to concentrate attention, state of non-sleeping even after 10 hour sleep, dullness of the muscles, seriuos problems with the weight, high blood pressure and many others. The state of my health withing several years of the progressing disease has decreased greatly (as it was founded out during diagnostics the apnea happened up to 100 times per hour). All my visits to doctors ended up with disappointment as all finished with mere examination and prescription of a pile of drugs supporting health, that let somehow to support health to some extent but didn't improve it at all. The main problem left. I was lucky to find reference in internet with description of apnea disease and simply in despair applied for a help. To my surpriseit cleared out that the main reason of all my problems is night apnea. On having diagnostics and picking up the regime on the apparatus, my life changed sharply after the very first night of sleeping! During a week my presssure became normal, in 2 weeks I lost weight, the sleepiness was gone! My life came to normal. Treatment revived me to life. From my own experience I recommend to everyone who has problems with breathing cessation during sleep immediately start treatment of this problem! I express my deep gratitude to the whole personnel of the clinic for their attention and kindness! Very big thanks to Buzunov R.V. and Legeida I.V.