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Клинический санаторий

Other services


Service name Price, VAT included, rub. Fishing tackle rent(1 hr) Fly rent 100 (pawn 150) Pirn rent 150 (paw 3 000) Fishing hook rent 50 Прокат подсачника 100 (paw 700) Float rent 50 (paw 70) Rent of fishing spinning rod 200 (paw 1 900) Floating rod 150 (paw 2 000) Fishing liсense (service is available […]

Parking lots

Two free parking lots are at disposal of the patients and guests of the Medical Rehabilitation Center: – main parking at the pond, – parking for patients and guests at the swimimng pool. Parking close to the buildings is FORBIDDEN! It is possible to stop at the main building – for pick-up and drop-off on […]


For pick-up/drop-off of the guests of the Medical Rehabilitation Center at the airport or railway station: Mercedes-Benz Vito, V-classe, E-classe 2016, with spacious salon for 5-10 persons, with big built-in trunk and navigation system, Wi-Fi, child seat.   For disabled people it is possible to order Mercedes-Benz equipped with loading platform, system of fixing of […]

Laundry, clothes’ repair

Service name Price , VAT incl., rub. Trousers (laundry and ironing) 370 Flat laundry (washing and ironing) (per kg) 130 Jeans (washing and ironing) 360 Duster coat (washing and ironing) 360 Jacket, thick woolen jacket with sintepon (washing and ironing) 380 Underwear (washing and ironing) 120> Socks (pair) (washing and ironing) 90 Handkerchief (washing and […]

Hair salon

Service name Price, VAT incl., rub. Hair cut for women (shampoo+cut+drying) short hair 750 Hair cut for women (shampoo+cut+drying) medium hair 1 050 Hair cut for women (shampoo+cut+drying) long hair 1 300 Contour cut 550 Fringe cut 400 Eye brow cut 100 Moustache cut 200 Beard cut 350 Стрижка мужская модельная короткие волосы 700 Men’s […]