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Клинический санаторий

Laundry, clothes’ repair

Service name Price , VAT incl., rub.
Trousers (laundry and ironing) 370
Flat laundry (washing and ironing) (per kg) 130
Jeans (washing and ironing) 360
Duster coat (washing and ironing) 360
Jacket, thick woolen jacket with sintepon (washing and ironing) 380
Underwear (washing and ironing) 120>
Socks (pair) (washing and ironing) 90
Handkerchief (washing and ironing) 30
Night gown (washing and ironing) 130
Pajamas (washing and ironing) 190
Dress (washing and ironing) 370
Shirt, blouse (washing and ironing) 220
Pullover (washing and ironing) 160
Sports suit (washing and ironing) 300
T-shirt (washing and ironing) 120
Robe (washing and ironing) 180
Shorts(washing and ironing) 120
Skirt (washing and ironing) 170
Pajamas trousers(washing and ironing) 110
Pajamas shirt (washing and ironing) 110
Sports trousers (washing and ironing) 150
Sports jacket (washing and ironing) 150
Underwaist, briefs, top, bra (washing and ironing) 80
Blouse, turtle neck (washing and ironing) 160
Trousers (ironing) 170
Flat linen kg (ironing) 100
Jeans (ironing) 170
Underwear (ironing) 70
Socks pair (ironing) 30
Handkerchief (ironing) 20
Night gown (ironing) 80
Pajamas (ironing) 130
Dress (ironing) 220
Shirt-blouse (ironing) 190
Pullover (ironing) 100
Sports suite (ironing) 150
T-shirt (ironing) 70
Robe (ironing) 120
Shorts (ironing) 80
Skirt (ironing) 110
Two-piece suite (steaming) 510
Three-piece suite (steaming) 560
Thick wool jacket (steaming) 570
Scarf, shawl (steaming) 100
Dress of complex style (steaming) 460
Dress of simple style (steaming) 230
Raincoat/coat summer(steaming) 550
Collar repair 200
Button hole repair 100
Repair of stolling/length change 460
Repair/change of style and fitting (for one element) 520
Repair or change of the lining 300
Repair of pocket 160
Repair of sleeve 165
Repair/fitting of trousers 540
Repair of fly piece/belt 350
Repair/various small 120
Repair/ overlock of stitch 10 sm 40
Ремонт/Repair/sewing one button 30
Repair/zipper change 285