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Клинический санаторий

Medical services


Myoelectrostimulation is the process of low electro pulses impact on human body. The procedure improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, metabolic processes in tissues and weight loss. This innovative method allows achieving tangible positive effect in such problems as obesity, cellulite, and peripheral nervous system diseases with a pain syndrome, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, postural disorder, […]

Diagnostic services

Wide range of diagnostic services. Including cases if you haven’t applied for medical care and don’t know what to do. We recommend you to make an appointment for the initial consultation at a general practitioner who will assign the necessary volume of diagnostic procedures, and if needed a course of the treatment. practically all the […]

Intensified counterpulsation

In short, it is a drug-free way to improve substantially blood supply of the internal organs. Taking into consideration the fact that all medicines improving blood supply lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate and because of that increase load on the heart muscle, there is no alternative to the method of intensified counterpulsation […]

Diagnosis and treatment of flatulence

Study on the violations of carbohydrates’ breakdown and uptake, and dysbiotic violations in the intestine is the major cause of flatulence. We are glad to inform you that since this February in our Medical Rehabilitation Center, you can conduct a research on a portable hydrogen analyzer Gastrolaizer (Bedfont, United Kingdom). For whom is this method: […]

Xenon inhalations

The basis of the drug KseMed is the inert gas Xenon of the ultra high purity. Xenon in medicine – what is it? Medical Xenon is an inhalation analgesic substance, based on noble gas Xe (Xenon). He has truly unique pharmacological and physiochemical characters that allow to use it not only for pain relief during […]

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Everyone knows that we constantly breathe in oxygen and cannot live without it. However not many people think about its powerful therapeutic qualities. Nevertheless, if you tried the HBO sessions (hyperbaric oxygen), you probably would not forget the feeling of lightness and vitality, which appeared after a course of treatment. Patients often say that during […]