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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

HBO department

Everyone knows that we constantly breathe in oxygen and cannot live without it. However not many people think about its powerful therapeutic qualities. Nevertheless, if you tried the HBO sessions (hyperbaric oxygen), you probably would not forget the feeling of lightness and vitality, which appeared after a course of treatment. Patients often say that during a session in the altitude chamber they receive important thoughts and serious solutions. One woman told me enthusiastically that during the session she thought through the article, which she could not prepare before. Moreover, there are many such examples.

This effect is explained very simply. Hyperbaric chamber is a sealed vessel where pure medical oxygen is delivered under pressure. The person is in this atmosphere for 40 minutes. This is the average duration of the procedure. During this time, blood is saturated with oxygen, and erythrocytes carry it actively to all human organs and tissues. Often our organs suffer chronic shortages of oxygen. It is connected with physical inactivity of a person, with various diseases, with spasms of blood vessels, which are narrowed with age gradually and supply worse tissues with oxygen. And, this intensive oxygen therapy literally revives the metabolic processes, there comes a self-regulation of a body. You should notice, without any interference in its activities. It is a physiological and very effective method of treatment.

Already after 6-8 treatments, our patients feel vivacity, good spirits, they have better mood, sleep, blood pressure and pulse rate is normalized, physical activity increased, and our diagnosticians mark increasing endurance of a body as per physical loads.

People with fractures mark significantly more rapid healing of bones. Biochemical and functional performance in patients with hepatitis, cirrhosis, after heart attack, stroke and other diseases is improved. If a person has trauma, wounds that do not heal for a long time, then after a few sessions in the chamber, their state is improved and, as a rule, the wounds are skinned over.

People with chronic diseases need courses of Hyperbaric Oxygenation, as well as simply a therapeutic procedure. Who doesn’t know today about "chronic fatigue syndrome", when sessions of HBO are particularly effective. If a person wants to become more active in life and in work, wants to be more happy and relaxed, he clearly needs to receive 12-14 full-time course treatment periodically, which includes our sessions of HBO.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Moscow

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Moscow and other large cities becomes more and more popular. This is due to oxygen deficiency that inhabitants of metropolises suffer. To improve metabolism, many use oxygen cocktails, endowed with infusions of herbs, glucose, vitamins, which they suck through the straw. However, if you are simply inhale oxygen or in case of oral introduction, you cannot always achieve decrease of hypoxia. It is all about atmospheric pressure, which is not enough to increase the amount of oxygen.

Therefore, in the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" we apply hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the cost of which is relatively available, in comparison with other Moscow medical institutions. If the patient is placed in the chamber, there happens the oxygen solution into the interstitial fluid and plasma, normal oxygen concentrations is up to twenty times.

If you are prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you will be pleasantly surprised with prices in the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha". We do these procedures at a professional level, using the most modern equipment and the latest technology. We guarantee that a large amount of oxygen will be sent in your organs and tissues, relieving you from oxygen starvation and ensuring the recovery of sick organs.

If you need such a procedure as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, only the doctor can define indications and contraindications for its realization. Usually the procedure has no complications, but consultations before it with a therapist, ENT-doctor, endocrinologist are necessary. Acute viral infection or increased body temperature, some other diseases are contraindications to Hyperbaric Oxygenation.