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Клинический санаторий

Xenon inhalations

Xenon inhalations

The basis of the drug KseMed is the inert gas Xenon of the ultra high purity.

Xenon in medicine - what is it?

Medical Xenon is an inhalation analgesic substance, based on noble gas Xe (Xenon). He has truly unique pharmacological and physiochemical characters that allow to use it not only for pain relief during surgical procedures, but also for medical purposes.

Advantages of KseMed:

  • Provides fast and strong therapeutic effect;
  • It is not a chemically synthesized drug. Xenon is contained in the air in trace concentration and extracted from it by non-chemical way;
  • Non toxic;
  • Does not irritate the respiratory tract, odourless, tasteless, colourless;
  • It is not addictive and does not accumulate in the body;
  • Non allergic;
  • Gives a patient pleasant feelings after procedure;
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.

Therapeutic effect of Xenon therapy:

    • Quick normalization of sleep;
    • A significant improvement in mood after the procedure;
    • Relieving of neuroticism and neurosis-like state;
    • Сhronic fatigue syndrome elimination;
    • Effective relieve of fatigue and increase efficiency;
    • Relief of pain syndromes, including migraines;
    • Reduction of pathological attraction to psychoactive substances;
    • Reducing the doses of drugs used.

Therapeutic use of KseMed:

    • Stress. KseMed is effectively used in the correction of acute and chronic stress disorders for relieving mental and emotional stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as treatment of depression and insomnia.
    • Neurology. KseMed is effective in treating disturbance of cerebral circulation, brain injury and their effects: lumbago, ischemic damage, as well as toxic damage of alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances.
    • Cardiology. The conducted clinical studies have shown that Xenon has cardioprotective properties: ensures stable hemodynamics and improves the function of the myocard. Effective in the treatment of heart attacks and strokes.
    • Immunity. KseMed has immune stimulatory effects. During Xenon inhalations one gets "cell massage”, activating the hidden reserves of the organism.
    • Pain. KseMed allows you remove quickly pain syndromes of various origins, including headaches, tension and migraine headaches.
    • Narcology. KseMed allows you to relieve quickly the acute withdrawal syndrome, significantly reduce the dosage of the used pharmaceuticals, as well as reduce pathological addiction to psychoactive substances.