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Клинический санаторий


Myoelectrostimulation is the process of low electro pulses impact on human body. The procedure improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, metabolic processes in tissues and weight loss. This innovative method allows achieving tangible positive effect in such problems as obesity, cellulite, and peripheral nervous system diseases with a pain syndrome, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, postural disorder, and deforming osteoarthrosis. Contractions and relaxations of muscular fibres in case of myoelectrostimulation contribute to muscle training and are particularly effective for prevention of atrophy in the immobilization of limbs, as well as for targeted training of individual muscle groups. Activation of blood circulation and lymph flow leads to increased metabolic processes. By using electrode training costume, specialists of the company Loncego managed to achieve simultaneous impact on all major muscle groups: shoulder girdle, muscles of the body, hips, buttocks and arms, as well as the associated deeper muscle layers, allowing to optimize the effect overall body.

Therapeutic and cosmetic effect:

  • Activation of patients with cardiovascular diseases;
  • Orthostatic swelling of lower limbs;
  • Post-traumatic and post-operation muscles hypotrophy;
  • Bowel dysmotility;
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure injuries and hypostatic complications;
  • Chronic muscle pain syndrome;
  • Prevention and treatment of pelvic floor muscle weakness and incontinence
  • Efficiency improving (due to increase of energy potential of skeletal muscle and whole organism);
  • Acceleration recovery (due to metabolism activation, enhance blood circulation and lymph drainage);
  • Increase of elasticity of the connective tissue (increasing elasticity of the tendon-ligaments and skin elasticity, increased strength of blood vessels);
  • Improving the quality of life (local anesthetic effect, improving of mood, restoring of the lost functions of muscles);
  • Correction of weight and body.
Doctor-physiotherapist Burskaya Svetlana Sergeevna conducts the procedure.