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Клинический санаторий


  • There is restaurant hall for organization of 6-time meals included in the cost of the voucher; café-bar on the 1st floor of the main building for those who wish to have a bite and drink a cup of aroma tea or coffee.
  • At warm season holidaymakers have an excellent opportunity to have a rest and bite at summer café during walking at the lake.
  • Catering service and secluded rest in a guest house is possible for the company up to 15 people.
For holidaymakers with vouchers we offer 6-time meals on semi-restaurant system. For bed patients and VIP-guests there is room service. On the arrival day for our guests in the rooms we offer welcoming vase with fruits and refreshing drinks. Feeding of the holidaymakers in the Medical Rehabilitation Center is carried out due to 7-day season (summer and winter) menu on the following variants of diets:
  • main variant of the diet,
  • main variant of the hypoglucide diet,
  • main variant of the sparing diet,
  • special hypocaloric diet,
  • special prophylactic diet.
We ensure true individual approach at organization of feeding in the Medical Rehabilitation Center:
  • on the base of standard diets we form low-residue, low-protein, high-protein, divided, hypoallergic, strained food, low-salt diet,
  • fasting days are held
  • lent diet

Admirers of the cuisine of the Medical Rehabilitation Center appreciate it for its lightness and natural taste of each dish ingredient, for exquisite freshness of the products and absence of all possible chemical additives.

In average daily menu contains 50-60 dishes, week menu about 300 dishes; holidaymakers can choose as to their preferences. Menu of the Medical Rehabilitation Center “Barviha” includes 20 specialties of the house. Dishes of the European cuisine include red caviar, sea fish: trout, salmon, gilthead, European bass, as well as fresh juices.

Additionally dinner menu includes element of the buffet service – “vegetarian table” with a wide choice of veggies, green grocery, different kinds of bread, mineral water; we offer fruit and vegetable juices at breakfast.

In the Medical Rehabilitation Center we bake whole meal bread “Barviha” due to the special technology that helps to keep all useful ingredients of the whole grain since 1935.

Besides main feeding patients with indications receive additional medical meals, decoction of oats, wheat middling.