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Клинический санаторий

Sports-recreation services and leisure activities


Service name Price, VAT included, rub. Fishing tackle rent(1 hr) Fly rent 100 (pawn 150) Pirn rent 150 (paw 3 000) Fishing hook rent 50 Прокат подсачника 100 (paw 700) Float rent 50 (paw 70) Rent of fishing spinning rod 200 (paw 1 900) Floating rod 150 (paw 2 000) Fishing liсense (service is available […]

Indoor swimming pool

In the Medical Rehabilitation Center, there are all conditions to increase motor activity of people in any physical form: from sportive and active holidaymakers to patients who require rehabilitation. Indoor swimming pool size 18 х 9 m, depth from 0,9 to 2,4 meters. Temperature of the water 27-29ºС depending on a season.   The swimming […]

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts

Outdoor tennis courts (3 courts with tennesit surface, 1 hard court, and playground with artificial grass). Indoor tennis court is located in the universal sports hall. Please book the indoor tennis court by phone +7(495)635-70-07.

Billiard room

We offer you to spend time together with the friends playing Russian billiard in the atmosphere of peace and quietness.   For the patients of the Medical Rehabilitation Center biliard in the main building (free of charge).   Working hours: daily from 8.00 to 23.00   For guests of the Medical Rehabilitation Center on the […]

(Русский) Кино-зал

(Русский) В комфортабельном современном зале с помощью профессионального оборудования демонстрируются по вечерам для отдыхающих и пациентов Санатория кинофильмы, как из советской и российской «золотой коллекции кинофонда», так и премиальных иностранных фильмов. Проводятся встречи с актерами, режиссерами и другими известными и не менее интересными людьми.