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Клинический санаторий

Instrumental cosmetology

Vacuum roller massager Starvac

Starvac Original – a system for vacuum-roller massage with special nozzles. They allow restore skin's attractive appearance and firmness.

The principle of work of the roller massager is to create local mobilization of skin. The unit pulls in a fold between special movable rollers, installed inside the head. This is a temporary extension of the venous and lymphatic vessels. As a result, muscles relax, skin relief becomes even. This allows you to control defects in shape without bruises and pain. Complex of hardware and drainage massages provides excellent results. The skin becomes more elastic; elasticity increases, stretch marks, creases and wrinkles reduce. Cellulite becomes less noticeable.

Instrumental massage allows you to deal effectively with local deposits in the area of arms, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. The device does not affect areas that do not need correction. Direct effect on adipose tissue allows you to start processes of fat burning, normalizing of microcirculation and metabolism.

Expected effects:

  • Reduction of the problem areas’ volume, splitting of fatty deposits;
  • Getting rid of cellulite, firm and smooth skin;
  • Stimulating of the skin renewal, its saturation with nutrients;
  • Resolution of stretch marks and scarring;
  • Getting rid of puffiness;
  • Stimulation of the collagen and elastin synthesis in skin.

Advantages of vacuum-roller device Starvac:

  • Designed for all kinds of massage;
  • Does not cause pain, bleeding and bruises;
  • It has high efficiency;
  • Used with various beauty preparations (oils, lotions, gels), which increase the effect of the procedure;
  • Used in rehabilitation programs;
  • Can be used for any area of the body;
  • Requires no special costume.


  • Cellulite of any degree;
  • Local fat deposits;
  • Stretch marks;
  • Swelling;
  • Loss of skin tone;
  • Muscle tension;
  • Intestinal atony;
  • Sore muscles after physical loads;
  • Chronic fatigue, stress.


  • High blood pressure;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Skin damage at the spot of impact;
  • Heavy chronic illnesses;
  • Period.

A course of procedures

Vacuum roller massager for weight loss allows achieve long cosmetic effect in 10-15 procedures. Already after the first treatment, patients notice that the skin appearance improves and body volumes decrease. Duration of treatment is 45-90 minutes.

Device Permanent Contour

Permanent Contour is intended for massage with heated steam bags with natural origin' fillers.

Massage with herbal bags on the device Permanent Contour ® is conducted by a special patented method. The device consists of a heating generator and a set of bags for various herbs and mixtures.

Herbal pouches are the working elements. Various herbs, such as patchouli, kelp, hops, ginger, camphor, turmeric and other active ingredients depending on the indications and procedure prescribed put into the bags. Then the bags get warm with the help of Permanent Contour ® and after that they are used for the massage of the patient’s body. Massage device Permanent Contour ® constantly produces soft steam, which passes through herbal pouches. Passing special herbs, steam is saturated with healthy substances and has a positive effect on the skin and the body in general.

Application of Permanent Contour:

  • Treatment of cellulite and body correction;
  • Persistent pain and muscles swelling;
  • Treatment of joints;
  • Treatment and prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Результаты курса процедур массажа травяными мешочками Results of the massage course with herbal bags:

  • Active pain relief of the zones that suffered injuries, trauma, and bruises ;
  • Great skin and muscle warm-up before main phase of massage session or wrapping;
  • Relaxing effect on the entire organism;
  • Normalization of psycho-emotional state and nervous system of the organism.

Radio frequency therapy device Reaction

Cosmetic system Reaction™ -Cosmetic Reaction system ™ is an innovative brand development for non-surgical skin tightening, cellulite treatment and volume reduction, which uses radio frequency energy of the 4th generation (4th dimension) in combination with a deep vacuum massage for effective and safe exposure. Radio wave lifting or RF-lifting (non-surgical face-lift) allows tightening skin, get rid of wrinkles and fat deposits, and make the oval of face or body contours more distinct without a scalpel, pain and long-term rehabilitation.

What is radio-wave lifting on the unit Reaction??

At radio-wave impact, there happens controlled heating of skin and subcutaneous fat up to 39° - 43° degrees Celsius. This process causes the improvement of microcirculation in problem areas with excess of adipose tissue. In the result of thermal heat, cells begin to produce collagen strenuously; tone increases, and sagging is eliminated. Fat cells are reduced in volume.

How does it happen?

RF-lifting session is not traumatic and painless. Original gel is applied on the clean surface, and then the impact on problem areas is conducted on certain lines using special nozzles.

RF-lifting is carried out by 3-6 sessions’ course. One operation takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the size of the treated area. Reaction to the procedure is slight redness of the zone. Lifting effect becomes noticeable already after the first session and grows on , firstly, due to the direct thermal effects of RF on tissues, secondly, thanks to launch of the active processes of restructuring and rebuilding of the cellular skin structure.

Application of the device.


  • Rejuvenation of the area around eyes;
  • Crow's feet removal;
  • Visible reduction of eyebags, hernia;
  • Superior sulcus hollowing' lifting;
  • Plastics of the face oval;
  • Noticeable lifting of double chin;
  • Structural skin rejuvenation;
  • Wrinkles' alignment.


  • Local fat deposits removal: over knees, inner surface of thighs, etc. ;
  • Inner surface shoulder plastic repair;
  • Volume decrease;
  • Cellulite correction;
  • Increase of skin elasticity.

Contraindications for non-surgical facelift:

  • Oncological diseases;
  • Active implants (artificial pace maker);
  • Neurological disorders (epilepsy);
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Scars, keloid scars and skin atrophy;
  • Blood clotting diseases;
  • Anticoagulants administration;
  • Rosacea;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Electro meso therapy system Infusion™

Infusion™ – is a system of electroporation, which is painless, does not use needles. It is an alternative for the traditional meso therapy and ensures safe and efficient transdermal delivery of therapeutic solutions.


  • Electroporation Infusion ™ is the technology used for the administration of transdermal products, which helps achieve the same effective results, as traditional meso therapy, but does not cause pain, injuries and bruises;
  • Electroporation technique is also known as "virtual meso therapy";
  • Non-invasive drug delivery technique;
  • Electroporation opens a stoma, and a medication is administered safely into the cell with the help of electrical pulse.

Scope of injection-free meso therapy in aesthetic medicine:

  • Anti-aging facial therapy;
  • Rejuvenation breast therapy;
  • Treatment and reduction of stretch marks;
  • Reducing of the localised fat deposits, cellulite treatment;
  • Preparation and rehabilitation after surgery, chemical peels;
  • Microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing

Therapeutic solutions for facial care

For electroporation method special blends of natural ingredients, ampouled (2 ml – for face, 5 ml for body) were developed to the device Infusion ™. Ampoule includes hydrolyzed collagen and elastin. They build own collagen and elastin in the cells. Macromolecular and low-molecular hyaluronic acid fraction is used in preparations, which has an expressed moisturizing effect. One of the main components of the contents of the ampoules is plant extracts of exotic and traditional medicinal plants.

Course of injection-free meso therapy Infusion™

Facial: duration: about 30 minutes. Frequency of treatment-one-two procedures in 5-10 days, depending on the problem. Recommended course-7-10 procedures. Support course is recommended 1-2 times per month.

For body: 12-15 procedures.

Electroporation: counterindications

    • Benign and malignant neoplasms;
    • Dermatitis of various etiologies;
    • Pregnancy and lactation;
    • Acute infections, inflammatory and purulent processes;
    • Cardio-vascular pathology;
    • Damage of the skin integrity;
    • Various mental disorders, epilepsy;
    • Сardiac pacemakers and metallic implants;
    • Fillers, gold threads;
    • Individual intolerance of the current.

Apparatus for microdermabrasion Pristine™

Microdermabrasion of skin (micro resurfacing or diamond microdermabrasion) is one of the most sensitive methods of mechanical peeling; gentle and painless way to get rid of “dead” skin cells and stimulate its regeneration. After the first session of microdermabrasion, skin becomes smooth, elastic, gets healthy colour, smoothness and softness.

Unit "PRISTINE" gently removes dead cells of the upper layer of skin with crystals of diamond laser cut, increasing regeneration of new cells and, together with the vacuum flow controls the stimulation of collagen and elastin production to create a taut, smooth skin, sparkling with youth and purity.


  • Helps to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging skin and get rid of existing wrinkles;
  • Helps reduce age hyper pigmentation;
  • Effectively corrects the scars, scarring and cicatrices after traumas and operations;
  • Aligns the texture of the skin, removing dead skin cells and the phenomenon of hyperkeratosis;
  • Prevents aging and cares for aging skin, triggering processes of reproduction of young cells, collagen and elastin;
  • It gives positive effect on oily skin with enlarged pores and comedones.

Diamond peeling is suitable for every age and skin type. The procedure is painless and safe, does not require anesthesia and recovery period; skin flaking does not exist after diamond peeling

Recommended course- 4-6 proceduresб 1 procedure a week.


  • Malignant and benign neoplasms with negative dynamics;
  • Presence in the area of the intended impact multiple nevi, small vessels, keloid scars;
  • Dermatitis of various etiologies;
  • Damage of the skin integrity;
  • Acute infections, inflammatory and purulent processes;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Cardio-vascular pathology;
  • Various mental disorders, epilepsy;
  • Сardiac pacemakers and metallic implants;
  • Fillers, gold threads;
  • Individual intolerance of the current.

Pressure therapy Pulsar

Pulstar is a professional device for pressure therapy and lymph drainage. Effect with compressed air imitates muscle contractions and helps to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body. Pressure creates wavelike motions, which leads to increased blood flow and activation of metabolic processes in the body.

What is pressure therapy?

Lymphatic drainage (or pressure therapy) is a unique medical and cosmetic procedure that is the impact of compressed air on the lymphatic and venous system. It eliminates edema problems, fat deposits, loose skin, and cellulite. Due to the impact of waves on vessels, skin, subcutaneous and muscular layers. Lymph apparatus for pressure therapy stimulate metabolism, improve skin condition, significantly reduce swelling of tissues, fat deposits and cellulite. In addition to the wellness effect, the technique produces a relaxing effect: improves health, gives a surge of strength and energy.

Unlike other methods of influence, pressure therapy is characterized by high speed achieving a positive result. One procedure replaces a week course of a manual massage.

Therapy is conducted on the whole body, or on separate zones: lymphatic drainage for legs, arms, buttocks, neck, shoulders. During a session, special cuffs, connected to the device, are put on the areas in process. The device creates a dynamic pressure, due to which the blood rises to the heart from the limbs; herewith happens drainage of the lymphatic system and veins, intertissue liquid is removed.

Scope of application of pressure therapy and lymph drainage

  • Reduction of cellulite;
  • Removal muscle tension after exercises;
  • Strengthening of vessels, control of venous varices;
  • Removal of lymph edema;
  • Control on chronic venous insufficiency;
  • Toxins and waste removal;
  • Normalization of metabolism;
  • Clottages prevention;
  • Removal of postoperative and posttraumatic edema;
  • Constant fatigue control;
  • Strengthening of the protective mechanisms of the body, enhance immunity and general vitality


  • Deep thrombosis of blood vessels;
  • Infections (sacred fires, lymphangitis);
  • Heavy endarteritis and arteritis (3d and 4th stage);
  • Heart failure;
  • Hemophilia;
  • Increased brittleness of the vascular wall.

Treatment couch for wrapping «Soft-Pack-System®I»

Comfortable couch for SPA treatments Soft Pack with heated water matress gives a feeling of weightlessness; and facilitates the simultaneous relaxation of all muscle groups and load reduce on the musculoskeletal system and spine. Blends for body wraps are applied directly on the skin; and fixed with a film. Due to the soft pressure of the warm water, the film adheres optimally to the body, and the mixture is evenly distributed on the body. Thus, it creates the effect of occlusion, due to which penetration of active ingredients into the skin improves.

Thanks to constant temperature of 37° C the pores of the skin open and absorption of active substances from the mask increases. As a result, all muscle groups relax; the load on the vertebral column reduces. 40 minutes in "Soft Pack" replace 12-hour sleep.

The couch is designed to conduct a full range of body care treatments (using seaweed, mud, chalk, cream, milk, butter, etc.):

  • Cleaning chalk wrapping;
  • Remineralizing salt wrapping;
  • Thalassotherapy;
  • Dry herbal steam bath;
  • Cosmetic gentle peeling;
  • Classic "Cleopatra's bath";
  • Restoring body wraps with aromatic oils;
  • Lifting with cream wrappings;


  • Damage of the skin integrity (wounds, cuts, unhealed postoperative stitches );
  • Skin diseases (bacterial, viral and fungal);
  • Lymphadenitis and lymphangitis;
  • Acute inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • Tumor processes of any origin;
  • Gynaecologic diseases;
  • Hepatic, renal, cardiovascular or respiratory insufficiency at decompensation stage;
  • Diabetes, other endocrine diseases;
  • Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and other vascular diseases;
  • Pregnancy, first days of the menstrual cycle;
  • Allergic reactions to ingredients used.

Hay bath Kraxenstove®

«Kraxenstove®» These are cabins, with heated seat, built-in steam generator, and grids on the back; behind there is a special niche, with hay or grass (chamomile, sage, lavender). Herbal steam in hay bath is distributed on the sides of the niches and mostly in the back and shoulder area of a visitor. Under the action of steam and high temperature, grass heats up, and exudes healthy steams

The duration of the procedure is determined individually, but usually lasts for 25-30 minutes. Hay bath is not designed for strong heat, temperature rises gradually, gently, and does not exceed 55° C, humidity not exceeding 60%.

Alpine hay bath indicated to everyone interested, even people with heart disease and hypertension. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, nervous system, activates brain activity. Intense sweating helps to eliminate excess fluid, waste and toxins from the body. For those who want to lose few extra kilos hay bath is particularly useful because it provides a natural and soft slimming.

After visiting the Alpine bath, you will improve blood circulation and normalize sleep. In addition, depending on the added herbs into the hay, hay baths can be used to improve efficiency, treat colds, bronchitis, influenza, skin diseases. Don’t reduce the importance of the fact that the herbal steam bath gives body and soul magnificent rest, minutes of bliss and delight.

Instrumental cosmetology methods Price, VAT included, rub.
Microdermabrasion (diamond micro grinding). Facial. 2 000
Microdermabrasion (diamond micro grinding). Body treatment. One zone. 1 700
Injection-free mesotherapy (electroporation). Facial. 2 750
Injection-free mesotherapy (electroporation). Body treatment. One zone. 3 400
Ultrasonic skin peeling 1 200
Ultrasonic skin lifting 1 200
Correction of face and body on the unit Starvac (one zone)
Lymphatic drainage facial massage (30 min) 1 250
Lifting face massage (30 min) 1 250
Body correction: arms 1 550
Body correction: legs 1 750
Body correction: buttocks 1 900
Body correction: belly 1 550
Advanced technology of formation of body contours and skin lifting Reaction
Radio-wave lifting (face) 5 500
Radio-wave lifting (face+ neck) 6 700
Radio-wave lifting (face+ neck+ decollete) 7 550
Radio-wave lifting (decollete) 2 700
Radio-wave lifting (neck) 2 100
Radio-wave lifting (neck + decolette) 3 750
Radio-wave lifting(chin) 1 400
Radio-wave lifting (wrist) 2 900
Radio-wave lifting (inner surface of shoulder) 2 900
Radio-wave lifting (belly) 2 900
Radio-wave lifting(inner surface of thighs) 4 100
Radio-wave lifting (buttocks) 4 100
Pressure therapy
Pressure therapy (30 min.) 1 200
Thermal zone
Relaxation session in the unit soft-park system (thalasso coach) 1 000
Hay bath 2 000

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