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Клинический санаторий


Beauticians are incessantly working on development of the new methods of youth prolongation. Since wrinkles are concern of almost every woman, facial botulinotherapy has gained great popularity. It is believed that this procedure is a real salvation for the fair sex who are striving to have a perfect appearance.

Botox, Disport, Relatoks, Kseomin are medications, where botulinum toxin of the type A is an active component. After injection of the drug, the facial muscles responsible for facial expressions are blocked. As a result, muscle contracts less, allowing restoring skin elasticity and smoothing the wrinkles on the face.

The mechanism is that to relax muscles, relieve overstrain and new apperance of facial wrinkles. You will notice the result of the procedure in a couple of weeks; the achieved effect will last from three to six months. This time is needed to restore natural processes of the facial muscles work and new nerve endings’ appearance. As soon as you notice deterioration of the skin and expression wrinkles you can repeat the injection.

Botulinotherapy is recommended to people who noticed:

  • Expression wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, forehead, space between the eyrbrows and in the corners of the eyes;
  • Drooping corners of lips, muscle fibers on the neck;
  • Perioral wrinkles, chin wrinkles.

In addition, the injection will help to correct wrong face contour, change the shape of the eyebrows, and effectively reduce excessive sweating of underarms, feet, hands.

Before the procedure a cosmetologist conducts a consultation.

Injections of toxin botulin (Disport) Price, VAT included, rub.
Elimination of excessive activity of the expression wrinkles (1 unit) 150
Treatment of hyperhidrosis (1 unit) 100

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