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Клинический санаторий

Injected carboxytherapy

High demands that we present to anti-aging procedures (efficacy, safety, availability, speed of execution) meet the unique carboxytherapy methodology fully.

Carboxytherapy (gas injections) is dosed administration intracutaneously or subcutaneously of carbon dioxide (CO2) in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. This procedure also known as gas injections and is very popular in Europe.

This technique is not new, for more than 50 years, it is known that carbon dioxide improves microcirculation, widening blood vessels; increases concentration of oxygen in the tissues more than 3 times as much, it stimulates lipolysis.

Now, when we are eager to get safe and, most important absolutely natural for our body, carboxytherapy procedure (gas injections) is of vital importance.

How it works?

With age, our blood vessels become more fragile, metabolism slows, the level of oxygen in the tissues reduces, which is one of the main reasons for loss of elasticity of the skin, collagen is significantly reduced. By 30 years, the oxygen level is reduced by approximately 25% to 40-50%. With administration of Co2 under the skin artificial strengthening of the so-called "oxygen starvation” occurs. Herewith the body reacts to this "starvation", starting work in enhanced mode: the circulation of blood and lymph in the injection spot intensifies, metabolic processes accelerate.

30 minutes after the procedure, Co2 is completely removed from the body, but intensified work of the blood vessels and cells just begins. Oxygen saturates the tissues, skin cells activate, synthesis of collagen is stimulated, and fat is broken down.

Main indications to carboxytherapy:

  • Sagging skin of face and body. When processing facial contour, cheeks and neck, expressed positive changes already appear in 2-4 sessions; It will take more procedures (up to 8-10) to work with the inner surface of hands and hips
  • Dark circles under the eyes. The best results noted in patients with very thin skin - superficial layer of the dermis thickens, blood vessels become less noticeable, skin protection before aggressive factors increases.
  • Cellulite. Small volumes with a weak degree of "orange peel" are easy to correct.
  • Stretch marks (striae). Carboxytherapy can significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks, making their edges almost invisible against the backdrop of a healthy skin.
  • Scars. Enriching skin with oxygen significantly improves the process of scarring.
  • Hair loss, their brittleness and dryness. Intensified blood circulation caused by the administration of carbon dioxide increases the flow of nutrients to the weakened or sleeping hair follicle. Consequently, hair growth, their density and volume increasesю

More indications:

  • Thin and dry skin;
  • Vascular pattern;
  • Acne and postacne;
  • Slowing regeneration processes;
  • Recovery after the use of other more aggressive methods of rejuvenation;
  • Rehabilitation after burns;
  • Local adipopexia .

What to expect before and after the procedure?

For carboxytherapy procedure, our doctors use medical carbon dioxide, a special device, which allows you to control the exact amount of the administered gas, sterile disposable needles for mesotherapy. Patients describe sensations during the procedure as a light ripple, a feeling of pressure and fullness in the place of injection. Slight discomfort lasts usually 2-4 minutes. Tissues will absorb the gas fully within 5 minutes after its administration. There appears light swelling and redness (due to activation of microcirculation). Immediately after the procedure, you will be able to proceed with your normal daily routine.

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