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Клинический санаторий

Contour correction

This is an opportunity without surgery to tighten the skin, remove wrinkles, dramatically improve skin relief, make a clear oval face, adjust the nasolabial folds, perform contouring plastic of the lips (change their shape and contour). Contouring plastic method is the use of specially designed injections of hyaluronic acid- a natural component of the skin, which retains its elasticity and moisture.

The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia with an anaesthetic cream that is applied to the appropriate zone for 20-30 minutes. Small quantities of the drug with the help of a thin micro needle is administered under a wrinkle and evenly distributed in the skin. Smoothing of the skin happens during the procedure. Immediately after the procedure, you may experience a slight swelling and redness that will pass quickly.

Advantages of the contour correction:

  • Full absorption of the drugs; length of their presence in skin depends on the speed of metabolism, lifestyle and area of administration;
  • The least traumatic procedure, it often goes without any bruises and did not require rehabilitation period;it gives instant aesthetic result that looks natural.


Fillers YVOIRE – are high-tech products, of the fifth-generation of dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Designed for the correction of volume deficit of soft tissues of face and body in varying degrees of evidence. They combine the best properties of monophasic and biphasic fillers of previous generations: ease of administration and distribution; at the same time resistance to deformation and lack of bias from the area of injection. Effectiveness of YVOIRE is proven by clinical studies; and safety of drugs confirmed by official Russian and international certificates.
Developer and manufacturer of the preparations YVOIRE is pharmaceutical and biotechnological company LG Life Sciences (South Korea).

Biorevolumetrics Regenyal Idea Bio-expander и Ial-System DUO.
New class of the injected materials-biorevolumetrics, developed by the company Fidia Farmaceutici SpA (Италия) и Regenyal Laboratories (Италия).
Biorevolumetry is the newest method of correction that can restore lost with time volume (by contour correction), but significantly rejuvenate the face (via biorevitalization

Appearances of biorevolumetric rejuvenation method allowed solve at once several tasks in cosmetics:

  • Filling in the missing volume;
  • Rejuvenation of the face and body;
  • Additional hydration of tissues;
  • Skin restructuring and restoration due to stimulation of natural elastin and collagen elaboration.

Such achievements became possible thanks to a series of unique products containing hyaluronic acid, which administer with the help of special tubes providing non traumatic spreading of soft tissues and the proper distribution of the drug inside them. After the product gets into the skin, the primary effect of hyaluronic acid starts: increase of the volume and launch of the skin restructuring mechanism.

Regenyal Idea BIO-EXPANDER is a mixture of different molecular weight stabalized (1 and 2 mln Da) and native (500 kDa) hyaluronic acids.
Designed to fill all kinds of wrinkles, especially where application of fillers is not possible or with low efficiency of their actions. The drug is ideally distributed in the tissues, confirming its effectiveness in cases when it is necessary to achieve a high degree of natural forms.

Ial-System DUO
Is a combination of hyaluronic acid (made in concentrations of 25 mg/ml) and ether hyaluronic acid (ACP). It is applied in the case of local hypovolumes that appear mainly in young patients, and which is mainly characterized by lack of thickness of the deep and/or surface fatty layer. Designed for long-term correction of medium and more complex skin flaws such as horizontal forehead wrinkles, lines around the nose and mouth. It is also used for restoring of the lip volume and other parts of the face.

Before the procedure there is a consultation of a cosmetologist

Contour correction Price, VAT included, rub.
Contour correction YVOIRE classic 1,0 ml 14 300
Contour correction YVOIRE volume 1,0 ml 14 750
Contour correction. Biorevolution «Regenial Idea Bioexpander» 1,1 ml 14 950
Contour correction. Biorevolution «IAL- system DUO» 1,0 ml 13 600

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