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Клинический санаторий


Injection technique for intradermal or subcutaneous, to a depth of 4 mm, administration of low doses of drugs directly to the problem area.

This is the way to deliver the skin substances necessary for normal functioning.

Mezo-cocktails include medicines, vitamins, herbal extracts, plant and animal purified extracts lipophagic substances, antioxidants, amino acids, trace substances, minerals, organic acids, as well as biotechnology products (peptides, hyaluronic acid, etc.)

Rich composition of the used mesotherapeutic products, allow you achieve the best-desired results depending on the task. There can be quite a lot.

Indications for mesotherapy:

  • Facial skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and skin flagging prevention;
  • Hydration, colour alignment, effect of radiance;
  • Reduce inflammation and skin irregularities;
  • Correction of emerging small facial wrinkles (crow's feet around the eyes);
  • Problems’ settling: rosacea, scars, local fat deposits, and cellulite;
  • Hair loss treatment, help for weak, dull, frayed hair, growth stimulation;
  • As well as the use of mesotherapy before and after plastic surgery, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion with a view to prepare it softly for restoring the skin after procedures.
  • Before the procedure a cosmetologist gives you a consultation.


    EMBRYOBLASTЕ (Embrioplast) (company Laboratoires Filorga, France)
    This is a sterile natural biological extract, obtained from mesenchymal sheep embryo tissue. During production, the preparation goes through a complex stage of purification, including double solvent refining. The final product contains a complete set of amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, enzymes, growth factors. Embryoblast administration into the skin, including a pool of signal compounds in optimal proportions, helps to balance the basic physiological processes at the cellular and tissue levels, and rearrange life activity of the skin cells. The result is improved morphological and functional parameters of the skin (the micro-smoothing, improving elasticity and turgor) and visible rejuvenation.
    NCTF 135 НА+ «EXTRA ENRICHED COCKTAIL» (company Laboratoires Filorga, France)
    A unique complex of 12 vitamins, 20 amino acids, 6 minerals,5 nucleosides, 6 comferments, 2 antioxidants in combination with hyaluronic acid (10 mg/ml) is the perfect preparation for polyrevitalization for women after 30 years of age or older. Maximum safety, bioavailability and proven clinical efficacy on four key parameters: wrinkles smoothing, skin toning, improved colour and skin saturation with moisture. The unique combination of components that provide at the cellular level:
    • Deep skin hydration ;
    • Expressed photoprotection;
    • Inhibition of inflammatory and degenerative processes;
    • Fast restoration of the intercellular substance of the dermis..

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    Mesotherapy Price, VAT included, rub.
    Mesotherapy of face, neck, decolette skin with biotechnological preparations (embryoblast) 1,0 ml 3 100
    Mesotherapy of face, neck, decolette skin with biotechnological preparations (NCTF) 1,0 ml 2 650