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Клинический санаторий


Plasmotherapy/PRP-therapy — Plasma therapy/PRP therapy is a revitalizing medical-rejuvenating injection procedure, involving subcutaneous administration of platelet blood plasma of a patient into the problem areas.

Use of this method in cosmetology allows you to rejuvenate soft tissues of the face, neck, décolleté and hand wrists launching the internal resources of the organism. Plasma received after the procedure contains platelets with growth factors, responsible for blood coagulation as well as regeneration and young tissue growth.

Plasmotherapy has a wide range of possibilities: freezes the processes of aging and skin aging, accelerates healing of various injuries, rejuvenates and nourishes cells, struggling with acne, scars, pigment spots, wrinkles, flabbiness and dryness of skin.

Thrombocytic auto plasma is administered during the procedure into the problem areas and, consequently, in this zone there is no lack of oxygen and moisture. Thanks to this scaling and irritation of the skin is eliminated after the first procedure, there happens stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres responsible for skin elasticity and a beautiful face contour.

Plasmotherapy procedure is safe and does not cause allergies and rejection, because thrombocytic auto plasma is made from the patient's blood without adding foreign chemicals and does not contact with the environment during the procedure, which prevents rejection of the drug and infection either a patient or a doctor.

The following effects of restoring of the natural health and beauty are achieved with the procedure:

  • Improvement of the complexion, deep hydration and skin nutrition;
  • Reduction of swelling, bruises under eyes;
  • Escalation of facial turgor, improvement of skin relief;
  • Increase of the local immunity of the skin, acne treatment;
  • Elimination of small expression wrinkles;
  • Elimination of hyperpigmentation, photoaging signs;
  • Elimination of skin scaling, dryness, itching;
  • Supression aging processes;
  • Skin rehabilitation after excessive sun exposure;
  • Acceleration of skin regeneration after laser exposure or chemical peel;
  • Hair loss slow down, growth stimulation, hair quality improvment.

Plasmotherapy is a revolutionary method of anti-aging medicine for facial rejuvenation without surgery, as well as correction of pathological and age-related skin alterations by injecting platelet autoplasma, successfully used in cosmetic clinics worldwide.

Before the procedure there is a cosmetologist consultation.

Plasmotherapy Цена с НДС, руб.
Facial plasmotherapy 5 200
Plasmotherapy of face, neck and decollete 6 950
Plasmotherapy of face, neck, decollete and wrists 9 200
Plasmotheapy of head skin 5 100
Plasmotheapy 1 zone 3 200

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