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Клинический санаторий

Thermal zone

Hamam (Turkish bath)

Hamam has practically no contraindications, thanks to its gentle temperature and mild effects on the body. An abundance of steam has excellent moisturizing effect on the skin, rejuvenates and strengthens it. The biggest effect has use of the Turkish bath in complex of recovery procedures, slimming programmes, during rehabilitation of the respiratory organs, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal system.

Kneipp path

This procedure is based on the contrast, on effect of alternating warm and cold water. What happens at this moment? Blood circulation speeds up, metabolism activates, along with deep purification of body and strengthening of the heart and blood vessels. This is a great workout for cardio system. Naturally, it increases the immunity. With intense blood flow, all cells receive oxygen in full and therefore their aging slows, and regeneration improves. Hence, hydrotherapy Kneipp path is a light rejuvenation procedure that helps relieve tiredness and tension, improve blood vessels, muscles and joints.

Showers of "impressions"

Unique shower system combining different temperature regimes, different types of jets, light-, sound-and aromatherapy; which causes strong emotional effect. Shower of impressions is a system that allows a person to feel the impact of nature, feel different sounds and smells, and stay under rain in different climatic zones. Vitality, boost of energy and cheerfulness or on the contrary, pleasant relaxation and a sense of calm. Here, everyone gets what one lacks in a mad rhythm of life.

Water jets with different types of nozzles from tropical rain with huge drops to almost cold air mist are added with sounds; and highlighted with four colours and fragrances. All this will give any customer unforgettable sensations and impressions, and bring fresh emotions in everyday bustle and daily routine.

Turkish soap massage and peeling in Turkish bath

People in the East consider Turkish bath (Hamam) a source of utter bliss, and "washing" as a real ritual. The combination of warming massage and touch of the body to a hot damp stone give rise to feelings of relaxation and bliss. High humidity and gentle air temperature creates ideal conditions for body detoxification, skin self-regeneration, slowing her aging processes; and gives terrific therapeutic and relaxing effect.

Peeling in Turkish bath with scrubs and special gloves made from natural materials allow cleansing the skin of keratinized and dead cells carefully and effectively. As a result, skin becomes smooth, regeneration accelerates, tonus of capillaries improves. In addition, extra fluid, toxins excrete, appearance of cellulite decrease.

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