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Care programme Salin de Biosel

Salin de Biosel (Italy)

Beauty products’ brand based on the fusion of the Eastern energy concept and modern Western herbal medicine. This is professional beauty cosmetics produced on the exclusive energy encrypted formula Biosequentielle "(Biological sequence) which combines more than 100 plant extracts and extracts from seaweeds, oligo-elements, vitamins and more than 20 regulatory and regenerative complexes.

Each of Salin de Biosel products has its own energy code (Yin or Yang). Diversity, origin and concentration level of active bases obtained from the roots and bark (which possess features of Yin energy) or leaves and inflorescences (which possess features of Yang energy) are a guarantee of original product Salin de Biosel.

Facial treatment from "Beauty lab"

Beauty procedure, providing beneficial impact on one person, may be non-effective for thousands of others. That is why products and professional protocols "SALIN de BIOSEL" are designed taking into account individual characteristics of each person's skin. With the help of the unique "Beauty Lab" we create revolutionary cosmetic procedures, taking into account the uniqueness of each client and his skin. Results? They will be noticeable from the first application!

Perfect and deep cleansing (for all skin types)

Cleansing is an important and indispensable beauty treatment for your skin. Exclusive care "Perfect and deep cleansing" effectively removes greasy shine, pollution and harmful substances from environment, without damage of the ecology of your skin. It tightens pores and makes them less visible, restores moisture balance, face skin becomes ivory and gets a healthy look!

Energy care Jang with lifting effect (for tired, weakened skin)

Unique treatment with seaweeds from province Brittany and complex of drainage and toning massage. It is effective and efficient care for atonic, aging skin. Helps restore turgor and tone, provides instant lifting effect. Tired skin rejuvenates and shines with health!

Sensitive reactive skin care (anticuperosis)

Procedure is indicated for sensitive, reactive skin with signs of rosacea. The unique combination of microelements and energy serum effectively neutralizes an overabundance of Yang energy. Soothing mask removes redness, moisturizes and softens the skin. After the procedure the amount of dilated capillaries reduces significantly, colour of face neck and décolleté becomes even.

Care «dreno-detox», ideal face (for tired, stressed skin)

Stress, the combination of nicotine and caffeine, stressful work schedule, persistent lack of sleep leads to accumulation of endotoxins, swelling and worsening of the health and condition of the skin. Soft scrub, used in the procedure, "dreno-detox, effectively cleanses skin; drainage lymph energizing massage combined with the drainage mask neutralizes and eliminates endotoxins. Skin saturated with vitamins and phyto-oligo-elements and becomes fresh getting healthy look!

Oily and combined skin care (with acne signs)

Procedure is developed for oily and combined skin with signs of acne. Serum with extracts of Savoy cabbage, Icelandic reindeer moss, burdock, combined with a mask and black cumin-based cream and lavender are the basic components of the procedure possessing sebo-regulating activity neutralizing endotoxins. The main direction of the care is the process of normalization of sebum, reducing pores and preventing acne and inflammatory elements. Your skin gets a nice matte shade!

Strengthening care with lifting effect of Yin (for atonic skin, with low turgor)

Recommended for stressed skin suffering from low tone and ptosis appearance of the lower third of the face. Unique synergic phyto-mineral system used in this procedure activates the energy of Yin. Addressed stimulating effect, strengthened by energy micro massage combined with biodynamic massage and mask with lifting effect. Facial contours are lifted; skin becomes firmer and looks noticeably younger.

Care Bio Age Classique (for dehydtrated and aging skin)

Anti aging treatment is great for complex nourishment and moisturizing of the mature skin. The first phase of the procedure is a gentle cleansing combined with integrated drainage; helps to eliminate swelling, including paraorbital area. The second phase includes active nourishing mask and tonic lifting massage. The action of drugs in combination with massage techniques provides complex hydration and nutrition; restores vital currents of Chi, smoothes wrinkles. Your skin will look perfect.

Facial care «BIOSELdeLUXE»

BIOSEL puts at your disposal the best experience so you can spend 90 minutes in the atmosphere of full comfort. While you are enjoying the procedure, Salin de Biosel actively cares for your skin: nourishes, moisturizes, restores and rejuvenates it. Exclusive toning and relaxing massages, lymphatic drainages, contribute achieving amazing results after the procedure. “ BIOSEL de Luxe” treatments represent an excellent opportunity to maintain the youth and beauty of your face in a state of total relaxation.

Care «BioAgeLuxe»

Super nourishing (correction of facial wrinkles and ptosis).

Care is designed for mature skin with visible signs of aging, requiring intensive nutrition and hydration. The procedure starts with the use of a soft exfoliation (deep cleansing) and energy micromassage, that prepare your skin for the application of drugs of the directional effect. Relaxing anti-stress massage will eliminate tension in the zone of neck and shoulders. It is followed by a comprehensive drainage to remove fluid, localized in the facial area and paraorbital area. One of the distinguishing features of the procedure is double mask: first-super nourishing mask, rich in vitamins, the second mask based on polyphenols, obtained from red grapes extract. Thanks to the action of the preparation, modelling and toning massages your skin looks noticeably relaxed and rejuvenated.

Care anti-аge «Rebirth» for face and paraorbital area (to strengthen sensitive areas around eyes)

The procedure is recommended for the prevention and correction of aging processes. Vector of the procedure aimed at paraorbital area with pronounced facial expression wrinkles and dark circles. Thanks to preparations based on microelements, vitamins and plant extracts, skin regains softness, elasticity and radiance, signs of aging smooth out. Exclusive mask with red grape polyphenols combined with drainage and energy micro massage gives back radiant youth to the skin!

Intensive care with vitamin C “porcelain skin” (for healthy glow of the fading, inclined to hyperpigmentation skin)

Care with vitamin for atonic devitalized skin makes the complexion even and removes pigmentation spots. The quintessential care is mask with an invaluable vitamin C obtained from the extract of fruits and rind. The unique properties of the mask are supplemented by applying of the occlusive algae mask stimulating 5 functions of the skin. We complete the procedure with massage Yin Yang based on the cleansing concentrate. Care provides an instant lifting effect, evens out the complexion and gives a healthy glow!

Facial express care SALIN de BIOSEL

Last minute invitation, unexpected and important evening, little time to appear in the best light of flawless beauty...

"Facial express-care procedures SALIN de BIOSEL" are the fastest and most efficient way to bring your skin in perfect condition! Complexion is smooth and healthy; skin is moisturized and ready for applying makeup, evenness and durability guaranteed. These treatments help you feel comfortable, and experience the magic of each unforgettable moment in full.

Shining beauty in an instant (for dehydrated skin)

Effective express treatment for prevention and correction of age-related manifestations. It restores turgor instantly, increases tone, protects against appearances of oxidative stress. For a moment renewal. Shining, clean and bright face-instant result for a long time!

Care "Evening performance" with prolonged effect (for atonic skin with low turgor)

It is a necessary care when you prepare for an important gala evening. Gommage (deep cleansing) with vitamins neutralizes appearance of obvious signs of fatigue on the face; tonic concentrate with extract of geranium shapes facial contours. Energetic massage Yin Yang and the mask of dual action form the final and prolonged effect. Perfect appearance for a long time!

Care "Welcome!" (recovery after long trips)

The procedure for recovery after a long trip that allows you to make a pause and get a true pleasure from the rest. Plant extracts restoring energy balance have an immediate effect on the skin and, as if by magic, a face acquires origin beauty. Use of the two unique massage techniques promotes complete relaxation!

Care "BioAge" (rejuvenating treatment for the correction of age-related changes)

Revolutionary express care for the skin with signs of aging! Now you need a little time to return the skin smooth and healthy youthful appearance! Immediate lifting effect is achieved thanks to combination of two unique massage techniques and anti-aging cream-masks. Excellent anti-aging effect and long lasting feeling of comfort!

Facial care for men SALIN de BIOSEL

The main changes of men’s skin are connected not with age, but with their daily habits: sedentary lifestyle, smoking and excessive consumption of coffee, and stress. All this affects the ecosystem of the skin aggressively and accelerates the aging process. Face skin darkens quickly; it becomes sensitive to shaving, and loses its elasticity; wrinkles become more noticeable.

Procedures “Cares for men SALIN de BIOSEL" developed to achieve specific objectives: to release tension and stress of the skin, reduce sensitivity to the harmful effects of the environment, smooth wrinkles. Professional programmes for men for immaculate appearance of a modern man!

Detox (effective detoxication and drainage)

For stressed skin, clogged skin, and skin, that needs protection. Gommage (deep cleansing) on the basis of plant extracts, it effectively removes dead skin cells, eliminates contamination. Oligominerals and vitamins promote drainage, improving the tone of skin fibres and regeneration. Mask based on weeds from Brittany perfectly neutralizes harmful substances; it has regenerating properties, helps remove toxins and makes facial features tighter. Skin instantly acquires even colour and radiance, and you get good mood!

Activating program "Dynamic lifting"

Procedure is for lifeless, tired, skin with low turgor , which urgently needs tightening and toning up. Specially selected plant extracts with Yin properties used in conjunction with biodynamic massage, stimulating microcirculation, stimulate and nourish the tissues with oxygen. Cryo-energy mask helps to restore turgor and provides a visible lifting effect. Thanks to the procedure all functions of skin activate, wrinkles reduce and face looks rejuvenated and refreshed!

Care "Anti-age" (for men's skin with low tonus, processed for aging )

Excellent procedure to control age-related changes of men's skin, as well as to prevent process of aging. Mask with red grapes’ polyphenols smoothes wrinkles and softens the facial features; it is ideal for use when correcting problems of paraorbital area. Thanks to achieved effect, the sight becomes more attractive, tempting; it points out the charm of the healthy face, touched by the shadow of years.


Harmful environment, chronic stress, stressful pace of life, poor nutrition, low physical activity and physiological aging are the main causes of functional and structural changes of the skin.

Functions of the skin can be both hyperactive, due to excess of Yang energy, and very passive in Yin phase.

FACIAL CARES RESTORING BASIC FUNCTIONS OF THE SKIN are the basic procedures giving effective, deep and complete functional and energy recovery. Skin gets again its vitality and youth!

Care «OsmoLymphe» (detox and drainage of the face skin inclined to swelling as well as eye area. Indicated for oily skin and skin with acne)

Care is recommended for customers with pastosity and swelling of the face, especially in the paraorbital area, and at the presence of dark circles around the eyes. It is recommended for clients with oily skin and acne. Provides effective lymphatic drainage, strengthen the vascular walls and elimination of toxins.

"Recovery and toning" (activation of collagen and elastin synthesis, slowing the aging process of the skin)

The procedure is suitable for clients with acute signs of aging and skin ageing. Prevents premature skin aging and formation of new wrinkles, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It returns softness, elasticity, firmness and youth to the skin.

Programs for body

Program for more slimness for men/women BIOSEL "Energy of lifting"

Localized excessive weight - to become slim

The most effective and resultative procedure aimed at achieving the maximum result for minimal quantity of procedures. The program includes two types of massage (anticellulite of the triple action and drainage-energetic massage); each has a distinct purpose. And the final stage - use of powerful catalyst (thermo- trousers) to enhance the activity of the thermoactive preparations improving blood circulation and lymph flow. The result is noticible already after the first procedure.

Anti-cellulite programme: become slim in short time

The program consists of 5 procedures and is assigned for systematic application. It represents the whole system of programs for 5 days. They are productive procedures to fight cellulite helping to lose weight. You can achieve visible results in short terms; and what is more important, the effect lasts for a long time. Each procedure is carried out independently or can be a part of a longer program; it is up to the client's wish.

    • 1st day – Anti-cellulite program fighting "orange peel". Dead sea salts.

      The first stage of the program includes three complementary types of massages which improve metabolism in the fatty tissues and increase blood circulation; it starts the process of lipolysis. Soft paste of bio-salt of the Dead sea and oils of the massage drainage effect activate blood circulation. The procedure helps to align the skin surface and increase the tone of the skin.

    • 2d day - Anti-cellulite program for weight loss Ocean weeds.

      The second stage of the program works in two directions: drainage energetic massage enhances circultaion of the lymph liquid; it has detoxing effect. Application of the unique combination of ocean weeds and thermo-gel (energy of Yang) increases microcirculation, improving metabolism; it increases elasticity and firmness of the tissues.

    • 3d day - Anti-cellulite program for weight loss and drainage with energetic contrast.

      The third stage assumes effective liquid removal accumulated in intercellular space. At consequent application of the energetic preparations (energy of Jang) there happens maximum increase of blood circulation on the micro circular course' level. It facilitates activation of metabolism in the fatty tissue. Drainage energetic massage with the use of the oil of Jin energy stimulates active drainage, liquid removal and metabolic products. For energetic balance alignment and its harmonization as the final stage, we use bipolar preparation, which has calming and moisterizing effect. The body volumes are decreased prominently and the skin becomes tight.

    • 4th day - Detoxing wrapping Jang: fatty tissue/cellulite.

      The fourth stage of the active lipolyses is carried out with energy Jang. The program includes two types of massages (anticellular of the triple action and drainage-energetic massage); each has a distinct purpose; and in combination with preparations of the energetic action Jang, there happens a powerful activisation of lipolyses and microcirculation enhancement. Thermo wrapping Jang facilitates quick energetic recovery, returns life power to the body and removes excessive hypodermic and fatty cellulose.

    • 5th day - Tonic drainage powerful cryo wrapping Jin: swelling/cellulite.

The final fifth stage is aimed at maximum liquid removal out of the cells and intercellular space. Use of Jin preparations in combination with two, the most effective massage methods allows remove liquid and improves lymph flow; in its turn it influences positively on the tissues’ trophic. The result is firm smooth skin with ideal body shape.

Conception of energetic treatment: age-related treatment, moisterizing, nourishment, lightness.

BIOSEL care - excellent skin hydration giving it silkiness

Preparations used in this exclusive care, restore deficit of all macro- and microelements, necessary for life processes of the body. The first stage of the program is directed on intense lymph drainage and skin nourishment. The second stage ensures effective deep cleansing thanks to Dead Sea salt. Finalizing the procedure preparation - milk based on bamboo extract is ideal for restoring, nourishment and moisterizing of the skin.

BIOSEL care for ease of legs and feet.

This procedure improves the circulation of the lymph fluid and improves tone of the lymphatic vessels. Effective bandage based on drugs with energy Yin and elements of acupressure feet massage activate lymph flow and promote active liquid removal and metabolic products. Your feet will be more slender and your step light!

Care BIOSEL. Procedure to restore hands' skin.

Unique care aimed at restoring health and beauty of the hands’ skin. Soft peeling promotes deep cleansing and removal of the corneal layer of the skin. Mask with red grape polyphenols and massage cream based on plant extracts restore and protect hydro lipid mantle of your hands and give a feeling of comfort.

Facial care programs "Salin de Biosel" Price, VAT included, rub.
Ideal and deep cleansing (for all skin types) 3 100
Energy care Jang with lifting effect (for atonic, aging, tired skin) 3 400
Care for sensitive, reactive skin (anticuperosis) 4 100
Ideal skin care (for tired, stressed skin) 4 100
Oily and combined skin care 4 200
Firming care with lifting effect Jin (for atonic skin with low turgor) 3 900
Bio age classique care (for ageing and dehydrated skin ) 3 900
Bio age luxe care for mature skin with lots of wrinkles and low tone, in need of intensive nourishment and moisterizing) 4 850
Anti-age care for face and paraorbital area (for strengthening of the delicate areas around eyes; expression wrinkles and dark circles correction) 4 650
Intensive care with vitamin C "Porcelain skin" (giving healthy shining to aging, prone to hyperpigmentaion skin) 4 500
Express facial cares:
Shining beauty in one moment (for dehydrated skin) 2 400
"Evening performance" care (for atonic skin with low turgor; with prolongated effect) 1 950
"Welcome" care (recovery after long trips) 2 000
«Bio Age» care (rejuvenated care for ageing skin) 1 900
Care for men:
«Detox» care (quick cleansing of the dirty and intoxicated skin, detoxication and drainage) 3 100
Activating program "Dynamic lifting" (for lifeless tired skin with low turgor) 3 000
"Anti-Age" care (for men's skin with low tone, suffering ageing processes) 4 200
Facial cares for recovery of the skin functions
«Osmo Lymphe» care (detox and drainage for the skin inclined to swelling and area around eyes) 4 850
Recovery and toning (activation of collagen and elastin synthesis, slowing down of the age-related processes 4 100
Body programs «Salin de Biosel»
Program for more slimness for men and women; anticellulite and drainage energetic massage with the use of thermoactive preparations 5 100
Biosel care for moisterizing and silkiness of the skin (intensive lymph drainage, deep cleansing, nourishment and skin moisturizing) 4 100
Biosel care for easy legs, ancles and feet (moisterizing, nourishment, lightness, lymph drainage and detox) 3 700
Biosel care for hands skin recovery (deep cleansing, recovery and protection) 1 600
Anticellulite programs
Anticellulite procedure against "orange peel" (contributes alignment of the skin surface and increase its tone) 5 850
Anticellulite program for weight loss "Ocean weeds" (drainage and microcircular activation) 4 400
Anticellulite program for weight loss and drainage with energy contrast 4 400
Detoxing wrapping Jang: fatty tissue/cellulite (anticellulite massage and thermo wrapping) 4 950
Tonic drainage cryo wrapping Jin : sweling/cellulite (maximum drainage and improvement of the tissue trophic) 4 950

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