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Клинический санаторий

Care program Soskin-Paris

Cosmetics of the new generation – Soskin-Paris

Institute Laboratory Soskin-Paris – cosmetic research laboratory, located in a unique region with strong herbal traditions, between the towns of Grasse and Nice, founded over twenty years ago.

Institute Soskin-Paris has invested many efforts in clinical research and development of professional cosmetics, focusing on medical approach and using most advanced formula. Technology of encapsulation of clean active ingredients in shell is used in the laboratory Soskin-Paris (microcapsules, liposomes); it increases penetration of concentrated doses of substances in the skin and increases their effectiveness, as they are delivered and distributed purposefully.

What is microincapsulation applied for?:

  • Protection from outer aggressive factors (oxygen, heat, light, etc.);
  • Improvement of bioavailability;
  • Control of the active ingredients’ penetration.

Professional programs:

Each program consists of a set of procedures including cleansing and exfoliation, application of active therapeutic concentrates, masks, creams, a variety of massage techniques, application of hydrating and protecting preparations

Program "Detox"

"Detoxification" is the process of converting toxins into harmless molecules that can be moved out from the body.

Toxins of different origin:

  • A large number of products and fats in the diet;
  • Flowing water;
  • Consumption of caffeinated beverages;
  • Alcohol consumption, smoking;
  • Liver, bowel dysfuction;
  • Medication intake;
  • Life in a metropolis and near highways.

The objective of the programme: recovery of vitality, energy and vital capacity, reduction of toxic exposure and elimination of toxins, support multiple metabolic processes.


Fatigue and stress, inclination to swelling and fluid retention, overweight.

Program "Flat tummy"

Central obesity is the accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen. Depends on genetic factors, the shape type, lifestyle and nutrition, stress.

The goal of the program: body shaping, detoxification and removal of excess fluid, increase flexibility and elasticity of skin, reduction of fat deposits and stretch marks.


  • Excess fat in the abdominal area.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Overweight.

Program "Light feet"

Main causes of the problem of "heavy legs":

  • Increasing the loads (weight gain, increased working hours, monotonous posture during the day at work sitting or standing, heavy physical exertion, intensive power sports classes, child care in the postnatal period, etc.);
  • Negative effects of high temperatures;
  • Change of hormonal background;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Purpose of the program: The objective of the programme: anti-edema action, veins toning, elimination of pain and heaviness in the legs, normalization of blood supply and lymphatic flow.


  • Unpleasant feeling in the legs: swelling, bloating feeling;
  • Feet weariness;
  • Light degree of varicose disease.

Bust care program

Designed for women who wish to pay additional attention to the bust. Includes procedures of purification, massage with active concentrate, modelling mask application.

Body SPA cares «Soskin» Цена с НДС, руб.
Program "Detox" 3 850
Program "Flat tummy" 3 600
Program "Light feet"(pressure therapy+ care) 2 800
Bust care program (cleansing, mask, massage) 2 750

Contact telephone of the cosmetology and SPA department: +7 (495) 228-90-66, +7 (926) 015-36-31