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Клинический санаторий

Care programmes Oxigen Botanicals

Professional medical cosmetics based on natural ingredients Oxigen Botanicals is developed and produced for more than 25 years by a Canadian laboratory Cosmetic Manufactures Inc.

Oxigen Botanicals created on the basis of spring water and oxygen derived by non-chemical way , therefore it is on hypoallergenic. It is ideal for sensitive skin. Serums and emulsions developed by bioengineering technologies of molecular oxygen stabilization - is completely new generation of professional cosmetics. Received phyto extracts retain all useful qualities of plants.

Professional cosmetics Oxigen Botanicals includes natural seaweed extracts, herbs, as well as vegetable oils, vitamins (A, D, E, K, F, H, C, K, PP, Group B), minerals, the concentration of which has a beneficial effect on the skin, allowing it to function properly. Sea minerals in the composition of Oxigen Botanicals are responsible for normalizing hyrdo-electrolyte balance.

In order to protect the skin from dehydration and maintain the necessary amount of water in the tissues of laboratory specialists have developed a complex composition of cosmetic products. After applying of Oxigen Botanicals skin forms physiologic hygroscopic film composed of collagen, elastin, lactic acid, fructose and other active components, which strengthens the skin's lipid membrane and build natural lipid barrier preventing water loss.

Complex care programs with the use of professional medicinal cosmetics Oxigen Botanicals (Канада).

Atraumatic facial cleaning - procedure is recommended for all skin types as gentle and deep facial skin purifying. It may be an independant care as well as primary stage together with specialized programs.

Sensitive skin care program – allows impact gently on irritated, sensitive, reactive skin, providing anti-inflammatory, soothing and restoring effect. It restores epidermal barrier, decrease shedding, itching, skin tightness.

Intensive skin care program around eyes – is created to help especially sensitive skin around eyes with the purpose of control of signs of premature aging (eyelid swelling, "dark circles" and "crow's feet")

Hyperpigmentation correction program – is aimed at elimination of epidermal pigmentation (freckles, uneven skin tone, pigmented spots) and restores skin pigment ballance.

Correction program of appearance of venous lakes – antirosacea serums,included in the program ensure anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, strengthening vascular wall and microcirculation and lymph flow recovery.

Express facial for women and men – allows in short terms improve complexion, even skin relief, eliminate dermal irritation, get a light lifting with instant moisturising.

Care program for men – designed for shaving area' care (beard and moustache) aiming to stop irritation, shedding, discomfort sensation (itching, feeling of tightness, etc.), as well as prevention of ingrown hairs.

Correction program of age-related skin changes – is aimed at correction and prevention of age-related changes (surface and deep wrinkles, decreased turgor and skin elasticity), ensures complexion improvement and skin hydration.

Care program for oily and combined skin– delicate deep cleansing, oil glands'work regulation, alignment of the skin relief, improvement of complexion and restoring of water-lipid balance of the skin - complex impact of active ingredients renders wellness effect on oily and combined face skin.

Care for body is necessary to stay young and keep good shape.

Special researches helped to develop a line for body care:

  • Skin body care program - intensive care, including nourishment, moisturizing, stimulation of the regeneration processes. It suits for aging skin with the purpose of improvement of elasticity and tone of the skin, for "lifting" of the skin in case you loose weight, for dehydrated skin.
  • Body contour modelling program is aimed to modelling - elimination of local fat deposits, correction of cellulite apperance.
  • Program on intensive hydration of body skin - is recommended for different types of dehydrated skin, restoration after insolation, elimination of appearance of variuos forms of dry skin with subjective feeling of tightness and itching, as well as for prevention of stretch marks, including pregnant women.
  • Care program for neck and decolette skin - correction of age-related changes of neck and decolette skin. It can be additional for the facial care programs.
SPA program for body «Oxygen Botanicals» Price, including VAT, rub.
Body skin tightening program 2 900
Contour body modelling program 2 900
Program of intense hydration of the body skin 2 900
Neck and decolette care program 1 400
Facial care «Oxygen Botanicals»
Atraumatic facial cleansing 2 000
Sensitive skin care program 2 000
Program of intense care for skin around eyes 1 550
Hyperpigmentation correction program 2 100
Correction program of appearance of venous lakes 2 400
Express facial care for women 2 000
Express facial care for men 2 100
Program of specialized care of men 2 600
Program of correction of age-related skin changes 2 400
Skin care program for oily and combined skin 2 550

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