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Клинический санаторий
Physician of the 1st therapeutic department. Physician-gastroenterologist.
In 2005 she graduated from the medical faculty of the Moscow Medical Academy named after Sechenov.
Then she studied at the clinical internship at the faculty of FSBI "Learning scientific medical centre" of the Administrative Deaprtment of the President of the Russian Federation. During these years she worked in City clinical hospital No.51 as doctor therapist, where she mastered the skills of providing emergency medical care.
Since 2007 she worked in the clinical sanatorium "Barviha" in the position of therapist.
She has certificates in therapy and gastroenterology.
Continuously improving professional skills. Repeatedly boned up at Doctors Improvement faculty.
Masters technique of ECG and ECG reading, data interpretation on cardio profile (Echocardiogram, UZDG of major neck and brain vessels of the lower limbs, daily monitoring of ECG, arterial pressure, etc.) with further treatment indications and qualified csre.
She conducts treatment and diagnostics of the variuos diseases of gastrointestinal tract, including diseases of liver alongside with metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes of the 2d degree), alcohol-induced liver injury, syndrome of excessive bacterial growth.