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Клинический санаторий

Psychotherapist of the consultative polyclinic department. High level certificate physician.

Border psychic disorder treatment:
1. Mood disorders (affective disorders): maniac episode, bipolar disorder, depression, recurrent depressive disorders
2. Neurotic and somatoform disorders, connected with stress: phobic anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, somatoform disorders, astenic syndrome, and other neurotic conditions.
3. Mental disorders and behavioural disorders caused by use of tobacco, alcohol, tranquilizers and sedatives.
Psychotherapy sessions in the following modalities: rational, cognitive, systemic family therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, integrative polimodal psychotherapy, Ericsson hypnosis are conducted in the office.
During two years inhalations of subnarcotic doses of medical Xenon (Xenotherapy) are successfully used to treat border psychic disorders in the office. Drug therapy can be added to the abovementioned methods due to indications.